DXP architecture

The difference between good and great DX is a modern, integrated tech stack with content management, developer tooling and collaboration at its core.


The purpose of modern DXP technology

The term DXP is becoming increasingly popular but many ask "what is a DXP and why does it matter?"

A DXP is short for "Digital Experience Platform". It is a set of integrated technology components that together provide the tools to create, manage and deliver digital experiences customers love.

A DXP’s value is determined by how long it takes to launch experiences; how easy it is to use; and ultimately, the quality of its product, the customer experience itself.


Building the composable DXP

A DXP requires choosing the right building blocks as well as a DXP integration framework that streamlines digital experience management by orchestrating how the various DXP technologies interact with each other to deliver optimized and personalized experiences to end users across touchpoints in the customer journey.

To reduce its complexity, we developed a DXP framework that breaks the DXP system down into 3 layers with 4 building blocks each, making it easier to comprehend and design. The building blocks allow you to start small while keeping future growth in mind, allowing you to expand your DXP’s capabilities as you learn and grow.

While you might not yet have a full DXP, you will probably find that you have many of its components in your technology landscape already. The framework and all our DXP resources will help you see a holistic picture and identify potential gaps in your platform as well as find a good fit for DXP partners.


Experience layer

Search & Discovery
Findability of information including SEO

Omnichannel Orchestration & Delivery
Experience delivery to various channels and devices, and delivery automation

International- & Personalisation
Data-driven personalization and contextualization, segmentation, and localization of touchpoints

Access & Profile Management
Customer registration and profile management


Management layer

Campaign Management
Marketing communications on various channels including web, email, and mobile

Content Management
Experience management, central repository, headless CMS, and multi-site management

Collaboration & Workflow Management
Cross-departmental communication and collaboration, operational and approval workflows

Analytics & Optimization
Analytics and business intelligence, A/B/n Testing, and journey mapping


Infrastructure layer

Deployment models including cloud and self-hosted options

Developer Tooling
Low-code and agile development, APIs, CI/CD, and automation

Integrations & Extensions
Interoperability with adjacent DXP technologies such as data sources and DX management, and addition of functionality

Security & Privacy
Access control, SSO, compliance with security and privacy standards including ISO 27001 and the GDPR


Experience layer

Management layer

Infrastructure layer

Benefits of choosing Magnolia as your DXP


Time to market

Great companies are fast to market. This is why we equip our users with the technology to create and launch engaging digital experiences in the fastest possible way.


Future-proof flexibility

No matter what the future holds, Magnolia’s composable, API-based architecture lets you build a modern, flexible, and extensible tech stack with DXP integrations.


Return on investment

No rip and replace. No vendor lock-in. Magnolia integrates with your existing tools, delivering more value for your business.

Powerful DXP integrations


Magnolia’s headless content management system (CMS) is one of the core components that enables a DXP system, providing content repository and experience management capabilities.

Magnolia also offers additional components such as personalization, optimization, and experience delivery. Its DXP integrations are fundamental to the assembly of the experience engine, combining separate DXP technologies in one integrated platform.

Managing an enterprise DXP

Building and managing an integrated DXP technology stack for the enterprise has its challenges. Make use of our access controls; approval, translation, and custom workflows; multi-site management; DXP integration frameworks; and visual SPA editor to create and launch experiences securely and efficiently.

Our professional services team and our partners will help you to get up and running as quickly as possible.

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