Personalize and optimize your digital experiences

Create digital experiences that resonate with your target audience without touching any code—all on a single platform.


Better, greater, higher

Making an impact with personalization.

Better Customer Experiences

Better customer experiences

Your visitors expect to find the right content at the right time. Whether they do or not determines how they perceive your brand and offering.

Greater Visitor Engagement

Greater visitor engagement

Engaged visitors tend to stay longer, buy more, and remain loyal. Personalization is one tool to make an experience worth your customer's time.

Higher Conversion Rate

Higher conversion rate

Delivering relevant, contextual digital experiences to your visitors makes all the difference when it comes to crunching the numbers.

What Magnolia personalization can do for you

Create relevant experiences

Personalize experiences for visitor segments based on who they are, how they behave, and what’s happening in the world. Magnolia unifies and leverages your data to tailor your website and other digital channels to your customers, improving their experience, and increasing conversion and engagement.

Personalize any channel at scale

Magnolia enables omnichannel personalization and optimization without compromising performance. Deliver personalized experiences from Magnolia or consume personalized content via our APIs enabling headless personalization in any front end.

Personalize, analyze, and optimize

Magnolia offers personalization and A/B/n testing out of the box and makes the integration of third-party data simple. Bring together content, analytics, and customer data on a single screen and create personalized and optimized experiences your customers love.

Magnolia Headless Personalization Diagram

Personalize any front end

Headless architectures are getting more popular due to their flexibility, but do headless and personalization go together?

They do with Magnolia! You can build custom front ends and easily consume personalized content via our delivery API.

This is how it works: Marketers and content authors create personalized variants of a component based on specific audience traits using Magnolia's visual editor. Developers query the content by specifying these traits in their API request. They then receive clean, personalized content, making headless personalization a breeze.

Expand your martech stack


Define audience segments based on specific audience traits and create personalized experiences for each group, increasing relevance and engagement.

A/B/n Testing

Create multiple page variants and test which one is preferred by each audience, optimizing the performance of your content and converting more visitors into customers.

Marketing Tags

Insert snippets on your pages to collect web analytics, tracking performance for better insights and attribution; or integrate 3rd-party content from social media or ad networks.

Unified Customer Data

Integrate your marketing automation, CRM, or CDP to track user behavior and to capture customer data in one place, creating a 360-degree view of your customers.

Analytics & Insights

Bring your external analytics dashboards straight into Magnolia's authoring interface and display analytics data in the context of content, helping you improve experiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Check and audit content as you work through on-page diagnostics and recommendations, optimizing your content's impact on SEO.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms

Business-ready architecture. Magnolia recognized as a Visionary.

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Create the best digital experiences with Magnolia

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