Magnolia Academy

Magnolia Academy is our e-learning portal, designed to meet the training needs of Magnolia users, including content managers, frontend developers, full-stack developers, and PaaS operations professionals.

Our new Magnolia Academy is built with Magnolia, running on Magnolia PaaS.


Magnolia Academy

Courses and content


With our comprehensive collection of online courses, masterclasses, and demo snippets, you'll have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on your schedule.

  • 6 free videos
  • 12 free masterclasses
  • 6 PaaS courses
  • 7 courses on various topics, from content authoring and front-end to headless

We continually improve our course material and deliver more courses to get you started with and get the most out of Magnolia.

Magnolia Academy


Magnolia Academy offers an annual membership plan that gives you unlimited access to all of our courses, masterclasses, and webinar recordings. The annual membership fee is CHF 500 (excluding VAT) per person. Bulk purchases are eligible for discounts.

Magnolia Partners (regardless of tier) are eligible for membership without paying additional fees. It is included in the Magnolia Partner Program free of charge.

Magnolia customers can contact their local Customer Success Manager. To subscribe and become a member, please complete the form.


Magnolia Academy

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  • Magnolia Academy is our subscription-based online learning solution for Magnolia users.
  • It includes a collection of online courses, masterclasses, and demo snippets for content managers and developers.
  • You have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on your schedule.


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If you have an existing Magnolia LDAP account, you can log in to Magnolia Academy directly using your Magnolia LDAP (or Magnolia JIRA Support) credentials.

If you do not have a Magnolia LDAP account, you can request for one by filling out the form or contacting your local Partner Manager.