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Benefits for digital leaders

One platform for all experiences

Build a modern digital experience platform to power all your websites, portals and any channels you have today, or tomorrow. Increase efficiency by reusing content and apps across different customer touchpoints.

Personalization at scale

Deliver individualized content in an effective and scalable way, and automate your customer engagement. Content authors and marketers get an intuitive UI where they can instantly preview which content is delivered to different segments.

Tied in analytics and reporting

Get detailed insights about traffic, engagement and conversions, across your entire website or specific pages. You can connect any analytics tools you need, and aggregate data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.

Faster time to market

Equip your people with the right technology to empower them to work alone or in a team, and leverage ready-built integrations to popular technology solutions  for e-Commerce, Marketing, Analytics, and more.

More efficient operations

Integrate all your content and data to create digital services and components that you can reuse across different channels and customer experiences. 

Better ROI (Return On Investment)

Magnolia works in concert with your existing tools and streamlines how you develop digital experiences, increasing the value you get from your DX investments. You can start small and expand as your digital business grows.

Magnolia – Built for Speed

Delivering quickly means that teams need to be more efficient, whether working together or independently. The right technology empowers them to do just that. Legacy tools and approaches are rapidly being replaced to build the modern tech stack that brings more flexibility and speed.

The future of digital experiences

Stop wasting time with cumbersome integrations and rollouts of monolithic digital experience platforms that negatively impact your company’s agility and innovation capabilities. We believe in a future where digital experience is composable, headless and low code.

Within a composable DXP, digital experiences are assembled from components delivered by different applications (for content, commerce, analytics and more) before being integrated within a reference architecture. Content itself can be treated as atomic and can be assembled in the right format much more efficiently and quickly depending on the presentation logic and the touchpoint where it is being delivered.

Adopting a headless approach allows you to decouple the front-end from the back-end to ensure greater agility and independence over channel delivery. It also allows you to reuse content and experience fragments, managing them in one place and delivering them across multiple channels.

Low-code development simplifies and speeds up development. It enables developers to make changes and do integrations easily using their favorite set of tools and implement projects with a front-end skillset.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms

Business-ready architecture. Magnolia recognized as a Visionary.

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