Magnolia and commercetools

It’s the fast, flexible, and future-proof combination of Content & Commerce. 



Magnolia offers a ready-made connector to the commercetools platform, allowing you to enrich commerce data with content and other custom data sources – and create unique experiences for any channel.

One platform for your entire customer experience

Only Magnolia makes it easy to connect all your data sources - content, commerce, search, recommendations, or any custom data sources you have. Our DXP (Digital Experience Platform) visually unifies these and gives your teams easy-to-use tools to mix and match them and create rich, personalized experiences.

Launch fast, scale without limits

If you’re an ecommerce business with ambitious growth plans, Magnolia and commercetools are a great fit to re-platform without disrupting your current operations. You can start small with one brand or one site, and build a modern reference architecture that you can scale globally. Launching new brands and new experiences will require a fraction of the time it takes you now.

A proven track record of partnership and successful projects

Just like commercetools, we share the same philosophy of building flexible, extensible, and easy-to-use software. Our more than a dozen joint customers and multi-year-long collaboration are a testimony that Magnolia and commercetools are a proven combination for content-driven headless commerce, even before the industry called it so.

Success Stories

To keep up with international growth, and to unify brand and shopping experiences, Riedel chose Magnolia and commercetools in a microservice-based ecommerce architecture, bringing their previous B2C shop, B2B shop, and brand site under one roof.

Focused on delivering modern UX designs with a mobile-first mindset, Denmark’s largest retailer moved from a monolithic platform to a new, modular stack that uses Magnolia’s headless CMS, commercetools, and the Jamstack. 

Watch the Salling Group talk at Magnolia NEXT conference >

Powerful Capabilities

Integration Highlights

Create content-rich shopping experiences delivered to any storefront, with the powerful combination of Magnolia DXP and commercetools:

  • Mix and match content and ecommerce data 
  • Product recommendations
  • A/B/n testing
  • Responsive assets
  • WYSIWYG authoring and preview
  • Pre-scheduled campaigns
  • Multi-site, multi-country, multi-language
  • Automatic translations 
  • SEO & accessibility
  • Content analytics
  • And more.

Watch Our Demo Video

See for yourself how you can benefit from the integration. Create stories around your products, pre-schedule campaigns, rollout globally – and more. 

  • Pick an approach: Commerce-first or Content-first
  • Merge editorial content with commerce data to build an efficient, entertaining shopping experience  
  • Deliver a brand that differentiates you from your competitors 

It’s far easier said than done. Which is why we’ve partnered with commercetools to bring you a whitepaper made to help you start taking the necessary steps towards better content and commerce.

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