Magnolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Amplify your content-commerce experience and increase sales by combining the power of Magnolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.



True fusion of Content and Commerce

Create engaging shopping experiences beyond simple store fronts. Bring together CMS and eCommerce content on one page, and in one seamless editorial workflow. Pick and place products directly from your catalog to create content-driven shopping experiences, with true call-to-action capabilities.

Blazing speed and future-proof flexibility

Instead of starting from scratch, use this ready-built integration of Magnolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (APIs and Composable Storefront) for a faster time to value. Go headless and reap the benefits of greater flexibility, speed and top notch end user experiences.


Best-in-class headless for the enterprise

Developers get the flexibility to implement front ends according to their technical preferences, and marketers get to build shopping experiences with full WYSIWYG editing, scheduled publication, and multi-device preview. Magnolia’s content authoring tools include a visual editor that you can use in a headless approach.

Manage the entire customer experience in one place

The Magnolia DXP and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration empowers your users and increases your eCommerce sales. With Magnolia, you can centrally manage content and then roll it out globally to all markets and in multiple languages. You can plan and create campaigns with WYSIWYG and preview capabilities. 

Your marketers and merchandisers will be comfortable and in control, working in the light, modern, user friendly UI of Magnolia.

Deliver to any frontend

The shopping experiences you create are delivered via a performant modern web app thanks to the Salesforce Composable Storefront, which provides a powerful modern platform for React-based frontend development. The Magnolia React Editor makes it easy to give authors control in headless PWA projects. 

Or use your own React, Vue, or Angular PWA or frontend delivery stack in concert with Salesforce Commerce Cloud APIs and Magnolia content APIs.

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