Content-Driven Headless Commerce: Here’s How to Get There

Watch this webinar from Magnolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and get an easy entry to the headless world.

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Watch the Webinar On-Demand

If you’re doing ecommerce, chances are you have already started thinking about headless, composability, and how to better take advantage of content to deliver modern engaging shopping experiences. 

But unless you're building your first ecommerce site, you aren't starting from scratch. You already have technology investments that you don't want to ditch in a complete re-platforming.

Watch this webinar from Magnolia and Salesforce and learn: 

  • Why are the world's biggest brands going headless?
  • What does a modern headless commerce architecture look like (and how to get there—without leaving your marketers and digital merchandisers in the dark)
  • How to seamlessly bring CMS and Ecommerce content together, and create a truly connected experience for your customers, from product description to check-out

You will also get a demo showing the powerful combination and future-proof architecture of Magnolia’s Headless CMS and Headless Accelerator, together with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Igor Faletski

VP of Product Management, Salesforce