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Our complete lifecycle services & innovative solutions help to bring your digital experience goals to life.


A tailored approach to your needs

Magnolia doesn’t just build software. We aim to create a win-win relationship with our customers and partners by delivering a precise combination of software, services, and solutions to ensure each project’s success.

Our service packages are designed to be flexible and customizable, covering you throughout the entire project lifecycle and matching your unique challenges and needs.

How we engage

Magnolia experts support you throughout the entire solution lifecycle, whether in the exploration, implementation, or continuous delivery phase.

Our typical team of experts includes:

  • Senior Solution Architect
  • Support Engineer
  • Trainer
  • Customer Success / Account Manager
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Services at a glance

Our service packages are flexible and customizable, giving you the option to book in advance or on-demand as needed.Some offerings may also be region-specific. Get in touch with your local Customer Success Manager / Account Manager for a personalized offer.

Additional on-demand services

Tech Workshop

Technical and Information Architecture Workshop

Validate integration patterns and define technical requirements through in-depth architecture reviews at the start of your project. You will discover how to organize content and functionality in an easy-to-understand way to allow for scaling as your app or website grows.

Guidance and Assistance

Guidance and Assistance

We are prepared to provide guidance and assistance wherever you are in your project lifecycle, on-demand as needed. Magnolia expertise and experience is shared through the whole implementation phase, not just at the start.


Project or Code Review and Audit

An on-demand service where we perform a project review and code audit of your project, which may occur before or after the project lifecycle.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Assistance

With this service, you get a dedicated expert who works exclusively on your current challenges to ensure issues are resolved promptly and without interruption in case of emergencies. 


Diagnostics Services

This service is based on our performance diagnostic module that provides data about your system operations and is a valuable tool to optimize your content, cache and rendering performance.

Custom Features

Custom Features Implementation

With this service, we can develop specific functionality for you which is currently not part of Magnolia DX Core.

The level of support we got before signing the contract was fantastic. Then, as the project evolved, we actually struggled to find things to ask the Magnolia support team. They did such a fantastic job of training our own internal team, that we quickly became experts ourselves!
Ryan Cotton

Ryan Cotton

Head of Marketing, Thomas Cook


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