Now that's service

No requirement collecting and inflexible solutions. We're right in the project with you, collaboratively exploring your challenges and helping devise solutions that really work.

Magnolia's service packages are flexible and designed to guide each stage of your project.

Our consulting work starts with you as a potential customer.

We take to the drawing board to show what Magnolia can do.


Workshops & guidance assistance
Sharing Magnolia expertise and experience, we run with your developers to ensure the success of your projects.

Reviews & audits
We'll analyze your project, architecture or specification and present the results in a technical or business report.

Add-on Feature Development
We're happy to offer Magnolia product extensions, integrations, customizations or solutions based on Magnolia.

Development Resources
Wir helfen Ihnen mit individuellen Features und der Projektentwicklung - Support aus der Ferne.

Need expertise?

We'd be glad to hear from you, either via email, phone or in person.