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Magnolia Headless CMS contributes to $230 billion in revenue by integrating content and commerce. Learn what it can do for you.


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Higher Conversion Rate

Scale without limits

Magnolia is highly scalable, allowing you to deliver even on Black Friday with ease. Maintain stability and broaden your scale and agility with Magnolia Cloud, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.


Increase speed to market

Magnolia offers unparalleled speed of development to give you freedom to innovate. Its modular architecture lets your teams work in parallel and build on modern tools they already know.


Leverage flexibility

Magnolia's rich set of customization and integration points and flexibility to use in headless commerce, headed or hybrid scenarios give you the capabilities to deliver quality experiences on every channel with an Ecommerce Headless CMS.


Digital commerce is crucial for businesses undergoing modern digital transformation. But ecommerce isn’t just a technology add-on. Check out the five takeaways from one of the top minds in ecommerce, Hannu Vangsgaard, and learn how to get your business prepared.

E-commerce leaders track customers' needs and interests, and engage them with tailored offers. Award-winning print and design company MOO delivers beautiful personalized content to customers in almost 200 countries. With Magnolia Headless CMS, it does so 7 times faster than before and has achieved an incredible 90% reduction in development cycle time.

Magnolia is a million times faster and easier, and has given freedom to our creative, marketing and developing teams. Our potential for conversions has increased dramatically.
Gio Faso

Gio Faso

Technical Delivery Lead, MOO

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Features for profitable sales

Unify customer data

Integrate data from Magnolia CMS, your e-commerce system, CRM and more, to create a 360-degree view of your buyers.

Personalize experiences

Leverage data for actionable insights: define segments and personas, and target buyers with tailored offers for ecommerce personalization.

Maximize campaigns and ROI

Rapidly set up landing pages, microsites and campaigns, and optimize with A/B and multivariate testing. 

Control products and catalogs

Easily generate content-rich product pages with information retrieved from the product catalog that is embedded in your e-commerce or PIM system.

Easily manage assets

Streamline the creation and collaborative use of rich media and other assets in a centralized location. Access assets from a third-party DAM directly from Magnolia.

Create once, publish everywhere

Whether your content is an image asset, a teaser for a campaign, or a unit of structured content like a product, you only need to maintain it in one place.

#1 content platform for ecommerce

Whether you’re looking to switch to a new CMS, or completely replatform your ecommerce architecture, Magnolia is a perfect fit to deliver modern shopping experiences.

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Magnolia helps you create the best digital experiences

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  • Save money - no hidden costs.

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