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MOO is an award-winning online print and design company. Hundreds of thousands of customers in nearly 200 countries use MOO to design and print business cards, stationery and promotional materials.

Magnolia has given the MOO marketing team the freedom to innovate. Now they’re able to translate content in half the time and create pages seven times faster than before. They can deliver beautiful personalized content faster and more effectively, improving the customer experience and creating more opportunities to increase revenue.


The Challenge

A system that would give MOO the freedom to grow

Since its launch, MOO has grown from a few people to 400 employees across six locations. It provides services for both consumers and businesses - and translates content into four languages. As a rapidly growing online business, its website is key to its success.

MOO’s growth, combined with increasing customer demands, outpaced the capabilities of its legacy system. Editors had to rely on developers to make even the smallest of changes. They struggled to release new pages, which took more than 15 minutes to publish. Without a preview function, developers were forced to ‘press and pray’ as changes went live, and translating content was cumbersome and time-consuming. Freedom was key to MOO’s ongoing success. Editors needed to create and release pages with fewer restrictions and developers needed the freedom to work on other projects.

The Solution

Greater agility to create high-performing content

Magnolia’s user-friendly platform was a welcome change for MOO’s editors and developers. Editors now have the freedom to create and update content independently of developers. The platform has made the team more agile, enabling editors to test, iterate and deliver without clogging developer backlogs and sprint programs. What’s more, any changes made to pages can be previewed on web and mobile before they go live, minimizing the risk of errors.

Magnolia’s modular approach gives MOO’s team the freedom to optimize and personalize content for the best results. Editors move modules up and down and side to side easily, affording more opportunities to promote particular products and pages. MOO also uses Magnolia’s personalization module to serve the most relevant content to customers.

Early wins foreshadow success

Because is the lifeblood of the business, any changes had to show quick results. Very early in the migration, MOO was able to leverage the platform to deliver small bits of content to the website, testing new designs with customers quickly. Magnolia produced some early wins, quickly setting the stage for a successful migration.

Easy integration with other systems

Magnolia already offered MOO a range of features out of the box but, more importantly, it also fit in with MOO’s other systems. Now, it’s easy to link to pricing and to provide updated web content in sale periods.

All the product variations in one place

MOO’s old platform didn’t allow it to show pages for its different types of products. This was a key requirement for the new system, as customers want to be able to find out at a glance the product information for business cards, letterheads and stickers. Now, customers can see all the product variations on one page, making them more likely to purchase.

Responsive design

In the past, MOO had separate mobile and desktop sites, but now the two sites have been merged into one, allowing MOO to create responsive designs, and improve engagement opportunities.

The Result


A site that gives MOO the freedom to grow

The migration to Magnolia has been a game changer, providing greater efficiencies and significant time savings. Editors create pages seven times faster, and content is translated in four languages in less than half the time.

The modular approach makes Magnolia more flexible for editors and has significantly reduced demands on developers. MOO has realized a 90% reduction in the amount of time developers spend creating new pages. Editors and developers are happier, and MOO benefits from a faster delivery process and a faster release schedule.

With fewer restrictions imposed by a legacy system, MOO enjoys a greater freedom to create, develop and showcase its passion for design which is at the core of its business. Through the improved delivery of unique, compelling products over diverse channels, MOO strengthens the performance of, enhances the customer experience and has more opportunities to drive revenue.

Magnolia is a million times faster and easier, and has given freedom to our creative, marketing and developing teams. Our potential for conversions has increased dramatically.
Gio Faso

Gio Faso

Technical Delivery Lead, MOO

Magnolia enables us to optimize and boost certain products easily, which helps drive revenue.
William Malcarne

William Malcarne

Global Ecommerce Manager, MOO


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