One platform.
Seamless integrations.
Any channel.

Unify your content, assets, and data in the most effective way—and create customer experiences that are as special and unique as your brightest ideas.

Top 10 benefits of choosing Magnolia’s DXP software

Only Magnolia makes it easy to connect all your data sources: content, commerce, assets, analytics, and any custom data sources.

Our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) visually unifies these and gives your teams easy-to-use tools to mix and match them to create rich, personalized experiences for all your brands, markets, and customer channels. 

Build a modular reference architecture to create new digital experiences at a fraction of the time it took you before.

Magnolia's APIs, Connector Packs, REST Client, and integration framework allow you to easily integrate your systems from legacy data sources to modern microservices (Headless DXP). You don't get locked into a single technology or vendor, but can freely swap services in and out—today and in the future.

Connect Magnolia with any other digital systems using our Connector Packs.

Our integration blueprints and pre-built connectors give you the flexibility to change your tool stack at any time. A unified framework lets you take advantage of common microservices across your platform. Microframeworks for commerce, marketing automation, analytics, and DAM readily connect with popular systems in these categories.

Our solution-focused approach throughout the entire customer lifecycle sets us apart in a vendor landscape dominated by a sales-driven approach.

Together with our partners, we work with you on the best solution for your needs, and stay until it works. We take pride in our project success rate of 100%. Not a single Magnolia project has ever failed. 

5. Content reuse

Manage content in one hub and use it across all channels. Whether it's a campaign banner, structured content such as an article, or an entire campaign - with Magnolia’s DXP software you create content once and reuse it many times.

6. Global rollouts

Roll out content and experiences for several brands and in multiple markets and languages. Centralize and reuse content to ensure brand consistency, while enabling various regions and countries to create tailored experiences flexibly.

7. Enterprise grade

Users, roles, and rights; customizable workflows; multi-site management; multilingual content and automatic translations; security and monitoring--plus professional services, support, and a strong partner network make Magnolia a true fit for enterprise-grade projects.

8. Low-code

Simplify and speed up development with Magnolia using file-based configuration. Magnolia’s low-code development helps you deliver experiences faster. Magnolia's configuration is based on YAML files and you don't need Java skills or a Java development environment.

9. Frontend flexibility

The headless approach in web development gives you the flexibility to build unique frontends using the development tools you like. Magnolia’s Digital Experience Platform integrates with Single Page Applications (SPAs), Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and storefronts built with any frontend framework such as React, Angular, or Vue.

10. Deployment choice

Choose Magnolia’s Platform-as-a-Service for fast and easy deployment, or host your own Magnolia instances for maximum flexibility. You get stellar performance, high availability, and robust security from Magnolia’s cloud solutions.

Watch our hands-on demo videos

Watch our demo videos for an introduction to Magnolia's functionality and user experience.

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    Get to know our platform and see how you can easily get started with the Magnolia UI.

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    Content Editing

    Check out the Magnolia authoring tools and see how easy it is to add, manage, and preview content for your website, campaigns, and other experiences.

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    We make the complex easy by automating rollouts, so you can launch your experiences effectively and with confidence, across all your sites, markets, and languages.

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    Personalization is here to stay, and Magnolia makes it easier than ever. See how you can define target audiences, personalize your content, and individualize the experience without IT support. 

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms

Business-ready architecture. Magnolia recognized as a Visionary.

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