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Thanks to Magnolia, we’ve been able to increase the speed at which we can create, manage and launch digital content. Our authors have benefited from reduced content creation time and the ability to respond to customers almost instantly during peak events. This allows us to take an agile approach, giving our teams greater control over their content and ultimately providing customers with a better digital experience.
Rob Sargent

Rob Sargent

Senior Lead Product Manager at Sainsbury’s

The level of support we got before signing the contract was fantastic. Then, as the project evolved, we actually struggled to find things to ask the Magnolia support team. They did such a fantastic job of training our own internal team, that we quickly became experts ourselves!
Ryan Cotton

Ryan Cotton

Head of Marketing, Thomas Cook

One year after starting with Magnolia we realized we have 20 times the number of concurrent website users during our rush hours. And it's amazing that we don't get any loading delays. With Magnolia we can scale really well.
Torben Sickert

Torben Sickert

Software Architect, JobRad

Magnolia is a great easy-to-use platform! Thanks to its open architecture, we easily integrated Magnolia with our own systems in order to provide all the data required through the Totem. We can also quickly control page components, creating and editing our content through a simple and user-friendly interface.
Francesco Soda

Francesco Soda

Manager at Coop Alleanza 3.0

As a developer-focused company, we're constantly preaching to developers that they need to be more agile. So we were looking for something that brought that agility to the content management of the website. Magnolia was recommended by a colleague and I found it really straightforward to get installed. Once it was on my laptop, I just knew that this was it. It was so easy and made sense to all our content editors and translators.
Mark Halvorson

Mark Halvorson

Head of Creative Strategy and Video, Atlassian


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