Born in Basel. Growing globally.

Magnolia started small, driven by two innovators who wanted to build a flexible and powerful CMS. Over the years, we've extended this vision to make life better for our customers and partners - to understand your DX challenges and to ensure that each deployment of the platform is truly tailored to what you want.


What we do

We started with the vision of building one of the first open-source content management systems based on Java that lets organizations create engaging websites and digital experiences around their existing IT infrastructure, exactly the way they want.

The result is an award-winning, fast and flexible CMS - available in the cloud or on-premises, used in headed or headless architectures. A CMS that powers the digital presence of some of the largest enterprises in the world. 

Magnolia office in Basel

Who we are

Magnolia was founded in 1997 by Boris Kraft and Pascal Mangold, two software entrepreneurs with a passion for both people and technology. It is a privately-held company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Today, Magnolia has a global reach, with 6 regional offices serving customers in over 100 countries. Through its network of expert implementation partners, Magnolia helps enterprises master their DX initiatives with a platform that's engineered for the challenges and opportunities of going digital.  

Meet the management team

Meet the people who bring years of experience and passion to this forward-looking and solution-oriented company.


Tim Brown
Chief Executive Officer


Rasmus Skjoldan
Chief Marketing Officer

Alain Kugelmann, Chief Financial Officer

Alain Kugelmann
Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Staehelin, Chief Services Officer

Samuel Staehelin
Chief Services Officer

Jan Haderka, Chief Technology Officer

Jan Haderka
Chief Technology Officer

Eric Hechinger, General Manager, Vietnam

Eric Hechinger
General Manager, Vietnam

Miguel Abreu, General Manager, Spain

Miguel Abreu
General Manager, Spain


Brian Warrick
General Manager, Americas


Don Lee
General Manager, Singapore


Sebastian Stang
General Manager, Switzerland


Darren Hitchcock
General Manager, UK