Magnolia certification program

Build your developer skills and showcase your experience working with Magnolia. Our certification provides you with a recognition that you have the skill to set up and work on Magnolia projects. 


Once you successfully pass a certification exam following your training, you will be awarded a Magnolia Trained & Certified badge.

This badge serves as a recognition of your newly acquired skills and knowledge in Magnolia. As you progress through a specialization track, you can continue to showcase your expertise by earning additional badges along the way, further validating your progress and proficiency in Magnolia.

If you are looking to become certified or specialize in a specific area for your Magnolia project, we recommend following a specialization track tailored to your role in the project.


For leaders, our specialization tracks aim to assist you in directing your developers toward the most suitable and valuable training courses to enhance their professional skill set. This will give your developers the opportunity to become more proficient in Magnolia, hone their expertise, and ultimately contribute significant value to your organization.

By following a specialization track, you will receive certification exam tokens at no extra cost.

If you prefer to enroll in single courses without following a specialization track, certification exam tokens are not included. You can always purchase tokens separately when you’re ready to become certified.

Magnolia certification paths

magnolia Training & Certificates

Certificate duration

As of 2020, Magnolia certificates are valid for only two years. The Magnolia Professional Developer certificate remains valid for one year and should be renewed each year.

Find a certified developer

Project managers value Magnolia skills and often ask Magnolia to point them to certified developers. To verify a developer's Magnolia certification, type his/her name into the search field below.

Certified developers who opted out of having their names searchable are not included in the online listing. To ask for a copy of a developer's certificate, please contact Magnolia directly. We will only provide a copy of the certificate to the project manager.

Are you ready to kickstart your Magnolia developer training and certification journey?


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