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Technology to create news faster

Increase speed to market

Magnolia offers unparalleled speed of development to give you freedom to innovate. Its modular architecture lets your teams work in parallel and build on modern tools they already know.

Scale without limits

Magnolia is highly scalable, allowing you to deliver even on Black Friday with ease. Maintain stability and broaden your scale and agility with Magnolia Cloud, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.

Rock-solid security

Magnolia's role-based security, single sign-on (SSO) and decoupled author and public servers provide you with the highest levels of security and reliability. Not a single penetration test failed, ever. 

Magnolia enabled us to create a lean article publishing machine across our multiple channels, allowing us to publish and update content quickly and efficiently. Our entertainment portal has microsites for every channel and program, and now we can create them in only 10% of the time it took before.
Adriaan Bloem

Adriaan Bloem

Senior Manager Online, MBC

mbc group logo
Super-quick publishing, full editorial freedom to create rich reading experiences, re-using content across all of our channels - Magnolia’s Stories app helps us to do all this successfully.
Mathijs Kraai

Mathijs Kraai

Product Owner, Voetbal International

voetbal international logo
Our previous system was vulnerable: we were struggling to maintain an in-house code base that had been developed by different people over a period of five years. With Magnolia we have clean, open code that is supported by the vendor. They handle the security threats.
Karim Morgan

Karim Morgan

CMS architect and project lead, Al Arabiya


Features for next-generation media and entertainment

Publish much faster

Leverage fast and simple creation of new stories by using predefined sets of static key properties and content blocks like images, texts, videos and links. Save and publish in one click.

Increase media performance

Create multiple variants of one article, measure conversions and take advantage in learning which combinations of headlines or rich media perform the best for your audience.

Leverage powerful search

Find the right information, faster and easier. Search across all content with the out-of-the-box search or connect to a search indexing system with our SOLR integration module. 

Integrate video and rich media

Manage rich media assets in Magnolia DAM or integrate your own, including external video sources. Create articles more effectively with full integration of assets within the editing and publishing workflow.

Broaden your reach on social

Spread your content and news all over social networks very quickly. Magnolia allows you to create content once and publish to multiple channels simultaneously with just one click.

Word import

Make it easy to publish news fast, no matter where it gets generated. With Magnolia, it is possible to import content directly from a standard Word document into the CMS, shortening time to go-live.

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