Magnolia and
SAP Commerce

Gain more flexibility for content management with SAP Commerce, and the ability to create content-rich, differentiating shopping experiences.



For more than 10 years, Magnolia has been used by large brands and enterprises to complement the powerful ecommerce functionality of SAP Commerce (formerly Hybris) with capabilities for easy content management and optimization of the shopping experience.

More Engaging User Experiences

Go beyond your current editorial limitations and let Magnolia DXP bring together data, content, and assets into one easy-to-use UI. Your marketers, merchandisers and other editors will be fully empowered to create stories around your products and experiences with true call-to-action capabilities. 

Faster Development Cycles

Develop new end user experiences in Magnolia, without touching ecommerce functionality. You can go even further choosing a headless integration approach and decouple user frontends from both commerce and content backends. All without losing the effective editorial experience of Magnolia.

Future-proof Architecture

Bring Magnolia DXP to your SAP Commerce setup and build a more modular and flexible architecture for your digital experience. Magnolia integrates easily with third-party applications and front-end frameworks (including SAP Spartacus), allowing you to create modern experiences for new and emerging channels.

Success Stories

Marella, part of the iconic fashion group Max Mara, created a multi-brand, multi-country and multi-language experience with Magnolia and SAP Commerce. Content is at the heart of this brand’s haute de gamme positioning.

Bechtle’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) integrates Magnolia, SAP Commerce, and other specialist services to create a unified customer experience from discovery, through to purchase and post-sale service.

Powerful Capabilities

Rich shopping experiences

Create engaging shopping experiences beyond simple storefronts. Easily combine marketing content and SAP Commerce data to create compelling stories around your products, and pages with true call-to-action capabilities.


Grow engagement and conversions by creating highly personalized ecommerce experiences that are aligned with your shoppers’ intent with the help of AI-driven search, merchandising and recommendations.

Multi-channel campaigns

Compose landing pages and campaigns with full WYSIWYG editing, scheduled publication, and multi-device preview. Manage the entire customer experience of a targeted campaign in one place, without touching any code.

Tied-in analytics and optimization

Track the performance of your content and campaigns, and see the insights without ever having to leave your Magnolia screen. With our native A/B/n Testing and embedded analytics, you can easily convert more visitors into buyers. 

Responsive assets

Create rich-media ecommerce experiences for any device with our Image Focal Points. Your buyers will discover products in a realistic meaningful context, and get the best view no matter what device or screen resolution they are using.

Global rollouts

Deliver your experiences across multiple sites and languages. Use our Live Copy feature and automatic translations to create globally consistent experiences with the local nuances needed to compete with home-grown competition.

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