Magnolia and Netlify

Create and deploy engaging websites and apps for maximum performance and the best user experience


Go headless and still enable marketers to co-create experiences

While giving developers the freedom to work with any front-end framework, a decoupled Jamstack architecture can make the life of marketers and content authors much harder, because many headless CMSs don’t enable non-technical users to edit pages easily.

Magnolia solves this problem by providing a visual editor for web apps, such as Single-Page Apps (SPAs) or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).


Eliminate server maintenance and continuously deliver experiences

Netlify’s Jamstack approach is based on pre-rendering of pages, also known as Static Site Generation (SSG), and their deployment to a CDN and serverless architecture, saving you the effort and risks of maintaining a public-facing web server.

With Magnolia’s Netlify integration, you can deploy your Netlify sites directly from Magnolia’s publishing dialog, allowing non-technical users to continuously deliver content to your web app.


Deliver high-speed customer experiences and improve SEO

Your sites live on Netlify’s Edge network, a fast, resilient network for web apps. Because of its global distribution and pre-rendering of pages into static sites, your customers will experience a blazing fast website anywhere in the world.

Pre-rendered pages also makes it very easy for search engine crawlers to parse and index your content, improving findability and SEO ranking.

Deliver Faster By Design: how your tools make (or break) a culture of shipping

The headless approach has taken the digital marketing and e-commerce landscape by storm. This is due to the efficiencies gained by front-end JavaScript frameworks and the benefits of clean content that can be consumed from multiple devices and channels.

Headless however comes with its own challenges and many companies are falling behind when it comes to enabling marketing and development teams equally well.

Watch our fireside chat with Christopher Zimmerman, Product Manager at Magnolia, Sandra Schroeter, Technical Product Marketing at Magnolia, and Jason Lengstorf, VP of Developer Experience at Netlify, to learn how to increase your teams’ collaboration and speed up experience delivery with the Jamstack.

Integrate Magnolia and Netlify

Magnolia’s extension for Netlify allows you to build Netlify sites directly from Magnolia’s AdminCentral. It is available on the Magnolia Marketplace.

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