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We know that superior customer experiences and faster time-to-market are how you outperform your competition. With the Magnolia 6 CMS, you’ll deliver on both.

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What is Magnolia?

Magnolia CMS lets you create timely, relevant and consistent interactions with your customers that drive real results: accelerate lead conversion, increase sales, strengthen your brand, and engage your customers on the channels they use. Drive diverse business goals with one powerful platform.

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Technology and architecture

Tech teams love Magnolia because it's easy to manage, customize and integrate with. Incredibly fast front-end tooling, headless that doesn't sacrifice enterprise CMS features, and a rock-solid platform - Magnolia delivers all this and more.

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Why Magnolia?

CMS for integrations

Magnolia's clients rate it as the easiest CMS to integrate with any technology they have or need. Assemble your own DX platform using best-in-class technologies.

Modules and extensions

... that enable you to create, manage and optimize content and experiences at scale while reducing time to market. Achieve anything you want with Magnolia.

Client retention

Our clients stay with Magnolia from year to year, helping drive our product roadmap and recommending us to their peers. Enjoy the ride, you're in good company.

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The SEO Workflow: Bridging content and marketing goals

Highly rated by analysts

[Magnolia’s] broader strategy is shifting heavily to embrace the marketing practitioner as version 6 promises a redesign focusing on drastic simplification, in addition to lofty ambitions for AI/ML, CI/CD and content hub capabilities.

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