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Move fast and stay flexible by combining headless content and a modular Digital Experience Platform.

What Solution Are You Looking For?

Our content platform combines the functionality of an enterprise suite with the flexibility of an API-first headless solution - in short, we deliver scalability at speed. Magnolia lets you bring together content, data, and services seamlessly in any tech stack, making it easy to orchestrate and deliver great digital experiences across channels in an agile way.

Global brands on 6 continents trust us to power their digital experiences, either using Magnolia as a headless CMS or as the foundation of their Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Why Magnolia?

Time to Market

Time to Market

Great companies are fast to market. This is why we equip our users with the technology to create and launch engaging digital experiences in the fastest possible way.

Time to Market

Future-proof Flexibility

No matter what the future holds, Magnolia’s composable, API-based architecture lets you build a modern, flexible, and extensible tech stack.

Time to Market

Customer Care

We believe that relationships matter. We want you to be successful and will be at your side, building the digital future together.

"We are passionate about helping people deliver engaging digital experiences at amazing speed."

Tim Brown
CEO of Magnolia

Tap Into A Global Network of Partners

Our global network of more than 200 certified partners are there to help you bring your digital experience to life – we’ll help you find the perfect one for your needs.

A Marketplace for Powerful Extensions

Chances are your use cases are as unique as your business. Our connectors and extensions range from content management to commerce and analytics. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you get to market faster.

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