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Reducing content inconsistencies and manual efforts

Finance and technology are at the core of Chinese company Ping An, a world-leading technology-powered retail financial services group. Ping An’s innovative technologies are also used to support four ecosystems, from financial services to health care, auto services, and smart city services.

The content presentation styles on their corporate website were inconsistent and lacked an identity. With content such as webcast videos and news content maintained across multiple platforms and challenging to manage, Ping An needed a way to reduce the effort it took for editors to update content and refresh their frontend presentation.


The Challenge

Simplifying the content update process

Before using Magnolia CMS, Ping An’s English website was powered by a custom CMS that wasn’t intuitive and lacked flexibility. Editors struggled with the lack of content versioning or approval processes, meaning that publishing had to be managed outside the system, resulting in several inconsistencies and slow updates. 

Not to mention, their website wasn’t responsive and specific layout designs were required for different devices. Consequently, editors needed to update content pieces multiple times and create different layouts whenever they needed to be published to other devices. This slow, manual process was prone to errors and meant that editors needed to spend even more time rectifying those errors.

The Solution

Delivering a consistent cross-channel experience

Magnolia CMS makes content delivery extremely easy and efficient by providing a platform that enables content to be combined into a single content app with minimal manual intervention. Content is first aggregated from various sources such as stock prices from banking systems, webinar videos from online broadcasting channels and official or public announcements from registered news agencies and then integrated into Ping An’s content. 

With the help of Magnolia CMS, the data from multiple sources is rendered to produce a consistent and uniform cross-channel experience for visitors. The result is an improved user experience with aesthetically professional visuals. 

Ping An now benefits from a revitalized look on their corporate website that strictly adheres to their unique identity. Also, since turning to Magnolia, a shorter time is required for back-end development with the help of Magnolia’s ultra-fast Light Development framework, which is powered by the platform’s rich UI libraries, reducing the need to code from scratch. It enabled the website to be completed within a brief period.

Editors can more easily customize page components, reusing the same templates across different pages and websites. Magnolia’s modular design also provided adequate support for the company’s stringent security requirements.

The Result

Accelerated publishing speed

Through Magnolia’s customizable platform and flexible approach, the retail financial services group built an entirely new template and page structure that reflected the Ping An brand’s ethos.

With Magnolia, the transition from the old CMS system was effortless, requiring only a team of two CMS back-end developers and taking less than two months to be completed. Since its launch, editors have been able to update daily content consistently across any channel or platform with minimal errors and no major issue whatsoever.

The amount of time required to update a news article has been reduced by 53% because new content is automatically published from the author’s instance once it’s approved. Visitor traffic has also increased by 65% due to a more aesthetic layout and intuitive navigation.


reduction in content update time


growth in site traffic

With Magnolia, I can focus on content creation and worry less about technology. With new content published quickly proper approval processes in place, along with older content being automatically backed up, I manage site updates with confidence.
Celia Wang

Celia Wang

Ping An Public Relation Manager, Content Strategist

Ping An, as a world-class financial institution, has complex requirements for system architecture design. The Magnolia CMS platform was chosen amongst the leaders in this industry due to the highly flexible and composable nature of their DXP which met all of our stringent requirements.
KW Lam

KW Lam

Deputy Head of International Public Relations

The consultants from Magnolia were professional, responsive and provided amazing customer support. They went the extra mile to work closely with Ping An IT and infrastructure team to ensure all requirements were met along with best practices, allowing us to deliver seamless digital experiences in record time.
KW Lam

KW Lam

Deputy Head of International Public Relations


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