Consolidate and conquer with a digital experience platform (DXP)

A DXP will build on your strengths as an established insurer and enhance every customer touchpoint

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Insurance leaders build their digital experiences with Magnolia

Insurance disrupters with new products and services are challenging the role of incumbents.

But with a digital experience platform, you can consolidate your position as an established insurer and stay ahead.

Being digital and connected is vital. Today, customer relationships depend on how you engage online and whether you provide a great digital experience. From distribution and quotes to renewals and claims, you’ll be judged on Speed, Versatility, Relevance, and Personalization.

These qualities are the cornerstones of a digital experience platform. With Magnolia, you can share rich content through any channel, anytime. You can easily integrate systems and tailor communication for different audiences, and you can more easily cross-sell and upsell.

In short, Magnolia gives you creative freedom and control because you’ll be data-driven and digitally enabled. If you’re losing ground to digital competitors, you need Magnolia.


Key insurance benefits

Timely Relevant Content

Powerful, unified content

With Magnolia you can enrich every stage in the insurance lifecycle. We focus on digital experiences that deliver compelling content, seamlessly connecting the dots so that you engage powerfully with prospects and customers. Moreover, a DXP makes everything available via a single user interface.


Speed, versatility, flexibility

Deliver content speedily and efficiently across multiple channels such as web pages and apps. Automatically synchronize content and create a seamless digital experience with Magnolia’s multi-site and multi-language capabilities.

Speed Versatillity Flexibility
Easy Integrations

Easy integrations and future-proof technology

Magnolia’s API-based, composable architecture connects legacy systems with the latest technology, allowing you to swap systems easily, and ensures seamless integrations. The result: you manage complexity as your business scales, while customers always receive a smooth digital experience.

Customization and personalization

Track behavioral data on any Magnolia touchpoint and use analytics to understand customer motivations. Create highly focused and personalized content to engage at every step of customer journeys.


Customization and Personalization

Additional benefits

End-to-end transformation

Streamline digitalization

Thanks to low code and an easy-to-use interface, you can launch digital experiences simply and quickly, without being dependent on IT. Magnolia equips you with powerful tooling to create communication your customers will love and and which can be adapted to new needs and market developments.

Better Partnerships

Better partnerships

Magnolia provides the infrastructure and tools to build strong relationships with brokers, including creating agent portals. You can keep trusted agents and other intermediaries in the communication loop and deliver timely and business-critical information to help them help you.

Highly secure

Highly secure and reliable

Data security and compliance are hallmarks of Magnolia. Our secure cloud-based platform includes comprehensive encryption, rigorous access control, penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning and testing.

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