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Insurance leaders build their digital experiences with Magnolia

Make every conversation count

All insurance policies begin with a quote. But many quotes don’t convert — and poor customer experience is often to blame.

If the quote journey is uncomfortable and not personal enough, with forms that are convoluted and off-putting, customers lose interest and look for an alternative provider.

Our digital experience platform and conversations app ensure you positively engage with customers from the moment you start talking, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

You have meaningful conversations at every step, and customers receive the speed, focus, personalization and precision to boost form conversion. Everything takes place on one platform: you can create and manage the quote page and the conversational form itself.

Reduce form abandonment

Reduce form abandonment

Increase Conversion Rates

Increase conversion rates

Establish relationships

Establish relationships

Digital engagement and focus

With Magnolia, you always stay focused and on track, and customers receive the information they need without time-wasting or irrelevant content. No detours, no false trails: just a bespoke service that leads customers in the right direction and maximizes conversions.

Digital engagement and focus
Keep it human

Keeping it human and conversational

People don’t want lengthy forms and disconnected communication; they want constructive conversations that meet their needs quickly and efficiently. Our conversational quotes processes bring a human and engaging touch that ensures customers have user-friendly and positive quote experiences.

Fast time to market

Create and manage landing pages and conversational quotes swift and simply on one platform. With Magnolia’s low code approach, it’s easy to create your frontends and transmit data to your systems of choice.

Fast TTM
Easy to build

Easy to build, easy to manage

With our conversations app and its graphical interface, it’s easy to build conversational forms via drag and drop, and no coding required. You can adjust the look and feel of the conversational form to match the branding and design of your website, creating a seamless user experience.

Customer preferences come first

Start quote conversations in any of your customers’ preferred channels, such as apps or web pages, at their convenience. Magnolia’s DXP means quote experiences without limitations, increasing conversions and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Customer Preference
Versatility and choice

One DXP, many options

Magnolia gives you total flexibility. You have many ways to set up quotes and implement quotes-related activities:

  • Create forms in your marketing automation tool of choice, such as Marketo or Salesforce, and embed them easily
  • Use integrations to quoting systems, chatbots and other systems
  • Use Magnolia form builder to create a form directly in Magnolia.

Whatever you choose, Magnolia will help you to create a seamless user experience.


Magnolia is about far more than a great quote experience. We support and enhance entire customer journeys, from distribution through to insights that reduce loss ratios. That’s because our digital experience platform makes every touchpoint count in new and more creative ways.

We build on established insurers’ core strengths and add value to every customer relationship.

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