Claims prevention begins with education

Magnolia’s digital experience platform (DXP) helps you stay one step ahead by educating and informing customers how to mitigate risks and avoid incidents.

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Insurance leaders build their digital experiences with Magnolia

No one likes claims – but many claims are avoidable.

With a DXP, you can prevent rather than process claims. Magnolia ensures you’ll be proactive instead of reactive, helping your customers control their risks.

Use our DXP to send highly personalized incident prevention content through any channel. Content that maximizes the value of every touchpoint. Above all, content that builds deeper and stronger relationships across customer journeys.

Reduce loss ratio check

Reduce loss ratios

Build relationships check

Build relationships

Increase customer focus check

Increase customer focus

How it’s done

Timely Relevant Content

Timely, relevant, rich content

Claims prevention begins with education. It means highlighting risk factors and promoting best practices to prevent avoidable incidents. Magnolia’s DXP connects insurers with customers on a deeper level and delivers value-added content that will influence behavior and reduce risks.

Any medium, any message, at speed

Magnolia is omnichannel and handles any type of content speedily and efficiently, creating seamless integrations and continuous dialogue about risk factors. Use advanced content creation and editorial tools, such as Magnolia’s Stories App, to quickly produce content for publishing to different destinations, ensuring highly focused conversations that help customers reduce losses.

Any medium

Transformation made easy

With Magnolia, digital transformation is easier than ever. You won't need advanced development and authoring skills with our low-code environment and intuitive technology. We give your teams easy-to-use tools so you can create rich incident prevention content quickly and effortlessly.

Partnership and personalization

With Magnolia, you can provide the personalized service that today’s digital consumers expect. Claims prevention enables insurers to have relationship-building conversations with customers, adding value with tailored content delivered through a digital experience platform.

Prevention Touchpoint

Stay in control with a new touchpoint

Claims should be more than reactive. We’ll put you and your customers on the front foot with an innovative claims-related touchpoint that proactively reduces risks. Instead of talking to customers only when a claim is filed, help them to mitigate risks with claims prevention knowledge and advice. The result: customers feel more cared for and better protected, enhancing lifetime customer value, and you can improve your combined ratio.


Magnolia does far more than help to prevent claims. We help insurers realize the full value of every touchpoint, beginning with distribution and quotes. With a digital experience platform, you can enhance entire customer journeys and build on your core strengths as an established insurer.

Don’t let claims hold you back

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