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Open-source CMS

Get an easy entry to Magnolia with our Community Edition. Community support only and no SLA.

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Self-hosted DXP

Retain full control over your data, infrastructure, and upgrades by deploying Magnolia on your own terms.

Starting at $3,000 / month
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Cloud DXP

Develop highly available, scalable, and secure customer experience applications using Magnolia's cloud platform.

Custom pricing
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What’s included?


Open-source CMS 


  • Core content management capabilities
  • Standard support
  • Standard availability
  • Community learning

Self-hosted DXP


  • High availability deployment
  • Single site (with multi-site capabilities)
  • Unlimited non-production environments 
  • Enterprise product SLA 
  • Dedicated customer success program 
  • Author and developer training 
  • Magnolia Academy

Cloud DXP

Everything in self-hosted DXP, plus: 

  • Production, Integration, Testing environments
  • Preconfigured CI/CD pipeline 
  • Platform enablement and onboarding
  • Guaranteed availability and performance
  • Enterprise platform and product SLA

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Open-source CMS
Self-hosted DXP
Cloud DXP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I get with a Magnolia subscription?

A subscription to Magnolia is not limited to a specific release, and provides access to all existing and future capabilities, for the time of your subscription.

How can I deploy Magnolia?

You can deploy Magnolia on your own terms with our self-hosted option or choose our cloud solution, where we provide a secure cloud environment, development tools, and services.

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Can Magnolia host my headless frontend?

Yes, if you go headless and choose our cloud solution, you can build and host your frontend applications using our cloud-native platform. This way, you’ll benefit from one SLA and one vendor to cover it all for you. 

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. The security and privacy of your data is our number one priority. Magnolia follows industry standards for security based on the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). As a company, Magnolia represents the very same commitment by maintaining ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security) and SOC 2 certifications.

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Can I buy single features?

Magnolia is a software bundle. We offer special features, connectors, and services that can be purchased on top of your bundle if needed.

Does Magnolia have an extensions marketplace?

Yes, we have an extensive marketplace of modules built by Magnolia or by our partner community (some free, some paid), that you can get to extend and expand core capabilities and take advantage of all the innovation in the Magnolia ecosystem. 

Magnolia Marketplace >

Are there any hidden costs?

No, at Magnolia we value transparency. You receive a price model with a clear indication of what costs to expect now and in the future, so you do not need to worry about surprises.

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