Segment Product Brief

Unify and personalize your customers’ journey with Magnolia and Segment CDP (Customer Data Platform).

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Magnolia enables marketers to create variants of content and define which audiences will see each content variant, all in a WYSIWYG high fidelity visual environment. To help brands unify their customer data on every channel and touchpoint, Magnolia integrates with Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology.

Segment is a leading CDP that allows brands to collect customer data from any platform (mobile, web or server) and activate it to deliver personalized experiences to real-time targeted audiences.

Learn how the Magnolia Segment integration enables brands to:

  • Track and understand users’ needs at every stage in their journey, on any channel or application.
  • Comfortably deliver personalized content for different audiences straight from the Magnolia UI, without switching between tools.
  • Take advantage of the integration fast and easy using a low code approach.