How the Web Portal of Hannoversche Versicherung Shines With Virtual Advisor

The insurance company Hannoversche Lebensversicherung has developed a customer-oriented online platform with Magnolia. Integrated advice and contact functions ensure an optimal customer experience.







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Convincing Customers with a Virtual Advisor

Hannoversche Lebensversicherung, a company of the VHV Group, is Germany’s oldest direct insurer. Since 1875, the company has been active on the market as a specialist for insurance, pensions and investments.

In 2016, the term life insurance pioneer decided to completely restructure its online offering. In doing so, Hannoversche opted for Magnolia’s CMS which was already in use at VHV Versicherung. The CMS enabled Hannoversche to develop a fully responsive and scalable platform, which uses integrated contact and advice functions to ensure a positive user experience.


The Challenge


Building a user-centric online platform

When it comes to finding the right risk, life or disability insurance, customers often prefer personal contact with the insurance broker. With a broker they can discuss any questions and concerns they may have. This option is not available from direct insurers. They need to win over customers via their website and offer them an online user experience that resembles personal contact.

That was also the central goal of Hannoversche’s website relaunch: using advice and dialogue functions, they wanted to support the user on their customer journey through any uncertainties. The focus lay on a strong customer-centric approach and strict performance orientation. At the same time, the new CMS needed to enable the integration of various third-party systems and be easy to operate.

The Solution


Central content management via content apps

Insurance products often have different tariffs - as is the case with Hannoversche. Updating rate comparisons and FAQs on the website is therefore usually very time-consuming. In order to simplify this process, special Magnolia content apps were developed for Hannoversche. In addition, editors can now maintain content elements that are integrated into content pages at a central location. Proxy endpoints for external applications can also be easily managed.

Magnolia partner Neoskop developed a virtual advisory function for Hannoversche which supports the user on their customer journey and offers help in case of uncertainties. The virtual insurance expert "Melanie" is integrated in both product pages and the new online tariff calculator. It presents Hannoversche as empathetic, approachable and reachable.


Fully responsive and scalable website

Insurance policies offer little scope for companies to set themselves apart from the competition with their products. As such, the user experience is an important success factor, particularly for direct insurers. For the relaunch at Hannoversche, the aim was therefore to create a fully responsive interface that is uncomplicated to operate on any device. Thanks to Magnolia’s flexible architecture, it is possible to expand the system at any time. It allows Hannoversche to respond quickly to changes in requirements and scale online sales without any problem in the coming years.


Individual advice from personal guides

Things can quickly get complicated in the world of insurance, particularly with disability insurance. Following intensive user surveys, Neoskop integrated an innovative guide concept. The various guides are introduced by a brief profile on the website. Alongside individual key data, this "set-card" also contains a personal motto. The user can then choose their personal guide, who will be available as a reliable partner from the initial consultation right through the application process, and when making claims.

There is also a link to various dialog channels: e-mail, chat, phone and on-site contact. Thanks to the flexible architecture from Magnolia, it was easy to integrate the virtual consulting as well as the tariff calculator and the dialogue functions. They are essential elements for improving the user experience.


Personalization and content performance

Another important goal of the relaunch for Hannoversche was lead and performance optimization. In future, the insurer will benefit from the built-in personalization tools that Magnolia provided. They make it possible to create different variants of a page and link them to A/B tests in order to find out quickly which landing page variant performs better. Plus, it is possible to integrate user data from third-party systems, e.g. location or user behaviour, and set up personalised landing pages and campaigns based on those.

The Result


UX tests confirm consistent user experience

During development, numerous UX tests confirmed the strong customer focus of the new website concept. The clear structure of the pages, the single-step application in the premium calculators and the easily consumable length of the application process led to above-average evaluations by the test persons. The presentation on mobile devices and the almost human-looking insurance expert Melanie led to exceptionally positive test results.

Compared to the competition, the users on the Hannover website felt well informed, taken seriously and advised on equal terms at all times. This is an important success factor in view of the insurance products, which can require a lot of explanation.

Simple to Operate

Editors can create and edit web content simply – even using a tablet or smartphone thanks to the touch-operable user interface. A rights- and role-based system makes major editing jobs far simpler.

Integration of third-party systems

The open architecture makes it possible to integrate data seamlessly into Magnolia from various sources like e-commerce, marketing automation or CRM systems.

Central management of several websites

With Magnolia, companies can manage several websites via one installation. The multi-site functionality significantly reduces the work involved in content management and system maintenance.


The modular approach from Magnolia offers the right solutions for every business challenge. The CMS can be flexibly adapted to new business conditions.

Enterprise tool chain

Java and Spring (Magnolia Blossom) guarantee a system that is easy to maintain, developer-friendly and future-ready.

Magnolia is very intuitive to operate and enables our editors to update content quickly. Plus, the CMS is extremely powerful, flexible and therefore perfectly suited for our ambitious platform.
Björn Meister

Björn Meister

Project Manager at Hannoversche

For the implementation of the new B2C platform, Magnolia was the ideal basis: The open architecture of the CMS made it easy to integrate dialogue and contact functions as well as third-party tools.
Philipp Wanning

Philipp Wanning

CEO, Neoskop GmbH


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