Magnolia Headless CMS

Manage content in one hub and reuse it across the web and all your channels. See why Magnolia is great for headless — no need to sacrifice authoring experience and enterprise features.


Flexible APIs and productivity tools for developers

Magnolia’s Headless CMS integrates with Single Page Applications (SPAs), and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) built with any frontend framework such as React, Angular, Vue, or meta frameworks like Next.js, Gatsby, or Nuxt.

While our delivery API makes content available to any app and touchpoint, our templating API makes web apps editable for your marketing teams.

We also support low-code development using YAML, and our design system for headless projects accelerates the development of custom frontends.

Easy-to-use tools for marketing teams

Headless projects backfire when marketers have to compromise on authoring tools. With Magnolia, content authors get a visual user interface to manage experiences despite working in a headless CMS.

The UI offers marketing features like WYSIWYG editing, experience preview, campaign scheduling, personalization, and analytics.


Unlimited integrations to power your experiences

The digital experience ecosystem is expanding quickly and the best customer experiences are built using data and microservices from external systems.

Magnolia offers connectors to connect your headless CMS to your DAM, PIM, ecommerce, CRM, or any other in-house systems, allowing you to build one unified digital experience platform.

Headless with no limits?

Watch an overview of Magnolia's unrivaled headless advantages and the difference it will make for your projects.

Solid technical foundation

Delivery endpoint API

Get the content you need, right away, with our out-of-the-box delivery endpoints. Configure and tune endpoints to deliver the content that you need, even linked content. It's all there: filtering, sorting, paging, access to multiple translations and more.

Every API you need

Use the Nodes REST API to modify and upload content to the CMS, and the powerful Commands REST API to trigger any activity in Magnolia. Have a unique use-case? A Java development interface allows you to create completely custom endpoints too.


GraphQL enables you to query for complex content structures with fewer calls and familiar, predictable syntax, allowing for simplification and targeted delivery. The Magnolia extension for GraphQL provides an implementation of GraphQL in Magnolia.

The headless approach in web development gives you the flexibility to build unique frontends using the development tools you like. The downside is that it takes more time and effort to build custom templates and functionality. To help you develop headless projects faster, our team created a unifying design system offering:

  • A library of UI patterns for the most popular frontend frameworks
  • Typesafe programming in your IDE of choice
  • Task automation via command line

Learn how you can save hours of development work using Magnolia.

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Best-in-class authoring experience

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Fast and flexible content modeling

Provision authoring tools for your content authors in minutes with our Content Types feature. It’s the slimmest content definition on the market. Authoring tools are automatically provisioned, yet unlike other CMSs, you get full control to customize the UI to meet your authors' needs.

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Optimized content authoring

With the addition of our block-based Stories App, you have three unique authoring tools to match your content requirements. Unlike most headless CMSs, authors can work with hierarchical content, i.e content that lives in intuitive nested folders.



Implement your governance processes and ensure that the right people have seen and approved content before it is published. Magnolia supports custom workflows and comes with a standard 4-eye workflow out-of-the-box.


Visual editing

With Magnolia, authors get full WYSIWYG editing and preview capabilities. Our Visual SPA Editor gives them the autonomy to edit all layout and content, and preview any SPA experience in-context. Just how they edit websites.

Three authoring tools

Provision the perfect suite of tools for the needs of your content team.


Content App

Structured content.
Form-based editing.


Stories App

Long-form content.
Multi-block stories.


Pages App

WYSIWYG visual editing.
Full editorial control.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms

Business-ready architecture. Magnolia recognized as a Visionary.

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Create the best digital experiences with Magnolia

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