Blueprints for Deep Personalization

Learn the key steps towards building personalized customer experience.

Deep Personalization with Magnolia

Personalization is the concept of creating and delivering experiences for users or customers that are tailored to their specific needs, based on data collected about the customer. What makes personalization so effective is the ability to target individuals and improve the likelihood that they will engage with your brand and ultimately convert into a sale when using personalization in ecommerce.

Focusing on the customer’s specific likes and preferences show that brands have garnered an interest in the customer and this interest is likely to be reciprocated if done right. 

To help your brand with its personalization strategy in this white paper we have laid out five personalization blueprints that provide the foundation for building a personalized customer experience.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The value and challenges of personalization
  • How to begin a personalization journey for your brand
  • How to create personalization-ready content
  • Five blueprints for building personalized experience:
  1. Personalizing promotion emails
  2. Personalizing content for repeat customers
  3. Personalizing cart abandonment messages
  4. Personalizing new program membership 
  5. Personalizing newsletter subscription