Take ‘complicated’ out of digital experience platforms

Managing digital experiences across brands, markets, and channels is complicated. Our platform makes it simple with a power combo of:

  • Enterprise headless content management software
  • Tied-in personalization and analytics
  • Modular architecture and powerful integrations
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Our composable approach to content management follows our vision of what it means to be a modern Digital Experience Platform and makes a real difference for our customers.

The leading composable Digital Experience Platform

Experience the freedom of a flexible, centralized solution for all your digital experience needs.

Consume content via APIs to power your shopping experiences in any frontend or storefront, from website to SPA, PWA, and digital signage.

Contextualize content effectively and at scale, and instantly preview how it will be presented to different visitor segments.

Easily create and manage content in a central hub using a visual editor, and reuse it across the web and other channels.

Connect to any system—from legacy to API-first—and bring products, customer data, marketing automation, and analytics into Magnolia.

What success looks like

By choosing Magnolia as a centralized CMS hub, Viking was able to launch an innovative online booking portal, as well as streamline its digital and print content—all in just six weeks.  

Through Magnolia’s customizable CMS software and flexible approach, the retail financial services group built an entirely new template and page structure that reflected the Ping An brand’s ethos.

With Magnolia, Sainsbury’s is modernizing its architecture, creating a more powerful, flexible, and intuitive cross-brand digital experience for both customers and employees.

Magnolia’s headless CMS software enables the energy supplier to unify the user experience on their website and customer portals.

We have a network of many strong partners across the globe and we’d be happy to support you in finding the right one for your needs:

  • Planning and implementing your Magnolia project
  • Proven industry solutions and best practices
  • Innovative ideas for new and engaging digital experiences

Our Marketplace offers even more options to help you build your composable DXP. Expand your platform and check out our extensions, including:

  • Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Commerce