Magnolia Features

Magnolia allows you to manage all your content and media in one place, and create personalized experiences across multiple channels. See an overview of key capabilities and benefits.

Features for the Entire Content Lifecycle


Enjoy a great authoring experience and create communications your customers will love. Magnolia equips you with powerful tooling and an easy to use interface so that you can work more effectively and launch experiences faster, without being dependent on IT. 


Build complete web pages in an intuitive What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) fashion. Select the components you need, configure them as you wish, and place them where you want. Developers can configure which components are available to ensure the overall design of the site is consistent.

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Single-Page App (SPA) Editing

Use the same WYSIWYG editor to edit and manage content for single-page applications (SPAs) built on frameworks like React, Angular or Vue. You get creative control to choose components and layout - not just enter content - and a live preview, to see exactly how the experience will look and feel, including videos, accordions and other interactive elements.

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Optimized Content Authoring (Stories App)

Optimize authoring with structured and semi-structured content. Fill in a structured outline with standard fields, and then build your story with a stack of whatever content blocks you need: images, text, video, embeds, etc. Use the Stories App for news, products, blogs, landing pages, content curation and more.

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Content Reuse

Create once, publish everywhere (COPE). Whether your content is an image asset, a teaser for a campaign, or a unit of structured content like a product, you only need to maintain it in one place. This ensures all content instances are in sync, prevents stale content, and reduces maintenance.


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Multichannel Preview

Toggle instantly between editing and preview modes in the Page editor. Preview your content in different device resolutions, and even see how your content looks to different personalization segments.

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Microsites & Landing Pages

Quickly and easily create landing pages with the WYSIWYG Page editor, personalization and reusable content features of Magnolia. Use the multi-site feature to create and run 10’s or 100’s of microsites on one Magnolia installation.

Omnichannel Campaigns

Create and manage the entire customer experience of a targeted campaign in one place, without touching any code. Campaign content can be a simple banner or a complex layout with product assets, teasers, or anything that will entice your audience. You can publish campaigns with just a click, and re-run at any time. Custom workflows let you create, preview, and push campaigns ahead of time. 

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Forms & Marketing Automation

Easily create web forms on pages for visitors to fill in. Build your forms in your marketing automation tool of choice, such as Marketo or Salesforce, and embed them in your Magnolia experiences with just one click. The forms match the branding and design of your website and create a seamless user experience.

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Access and manage all your content, data and apps in one single place. Magnolia allows you to bring in content from all your sources, organize it effectively, and use it according to your own internal processes and workflows. 

Multisource Content

Bring in content from your PIM, DAM or even other CMS, and data from your analytics, personalization and optimization sources. Then you can deliver all of your content in a consistent way to each of your visitors, and across all of your digital channels. With Multisource, Magnolia makes it fast and easy to connect to any content source with just a few lines of configuration.

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Unified User Experience

Connect standard user interface elements in the CMS to your integrated tools and systems. With a connected user interface, you can show trends from a connected analytics platform directly in the content list in the CMS UI, or allow an author to choose and place a contact form from a CRM. With Magnolia, teams work with all their tools in one place, see exactly what they need, and in a consistent way.

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AI Federated Search

Search across all your content, both in Magnolia and  connected systems. Magnolia suggests top hits and ranks all your search results based on what its AI has learned from previous search patterns and preferences. The Find Bar, Magnolia’s search app, is the heart of the Magnolia user interface. It offers powerful full-text search across all your content and provides a starting point for many tasks.

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Automatic Text Classification

Save time by moving from manual to automated content tagging. Analyze and tag your content directly in the Pages app with the Amazon Comprehend service. This also provides a more accurate search experience for content authors, as these tags are then searchable via the Find Bar, Magnolia’s search app.

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Automatic Image Recognition

Find assets faster and organize them more effectively. The automatic image recognition feature recognizes and tags image assets automatically, lowering the work required and increasing accuracy. You can use the Amazon Rekognition service out-of-the-box, or integrate your own services for specialized imagery. 

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Multi-site Management

If your business has multiple branches, franchises or country sites, Magnolia allows you to manage complex multi-site installations that share similar content, without duplicating efforts. You can create referenced copies of master sites, which are automatically updated when you make changes to the master. Components on referenced pages can be changed individually and protected from master content changes. 

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Automatic Translation

Easily support additional languages with automatic content translation support. Magnolia has out-of-the-box support for Google Translator, Microsoft Translator, Across and services, and you can integrate other services just as easy.

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Concurrent Editing

Magnolia allows high speed content authoring without losing data. Members of editorial teams can edit pages simultaneously, see who else is actively editing the page, and coordinate all their activities without leaving the authoring interface.

Visual Version Compare

Magnolia stores a version of a content item when it is published, creating a history of versions. You can always audit what has changed, see previous versions and restore to a previous version if necessary. You can compare any two versions of content. For web pages, changes are “redlined”, clearly marked on the page itself.

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Custom Workflows

Magnolia provides a 4-eye publishing workflow out-of-the-box and supports the creation of custom workflows, all based on the popular JBPM workflow engine. Workflows can contain a mix of steps performed by the system, and steps which depend on author, publisher, or other user interactions.

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Deliver compelling experiences across the web and all your channels, from one single interface. Magnolia allows you to unify the customer journey and create omnichannel experiences that increase traffic, engagement and loyalty. 

The Headless Accelerator

Speed up your headless projects with one set of Web Components and one unified workflow—for your entire customer experience.

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Magnolia for eCommerce

Deliver personalized shopping experiences across all your touchpoints using a powerful headless CMS with an extensive commerce integration framework, including prebuilt connectors to e-Commerce systems like commercetools, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud.

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Use a Single-page app or a Progressive web app built with React, Angular and Vue as your frontend to reap the benefits of the headless and microservice/SOA approach, and use Magnolia to manage its content. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor gives authors the autonomy to edit all layout and content, and preview any SPA/PWA experience in-context. Just how they edit websites. 

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Jamstack / Static Site Generation

Take advantage of the performance, security and SEO benefits of the Jamstack approach. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor is compatible with static site generation and CDN/ADN deployment.

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Digital Signage

Provide an interactive customer experience in physical locations by delivering content to all your digital displays, from interactive kiosks to billboards to ATMs, within the same content platform. Raise customer engagement and provide a unified experience, online and offline.  


Manage spatial and 3D content like 360 degree photos & videos, complete 3D models, textures, environments and even game levels in Magnolia, and publish to any VR or AR touchpoint. Link spatial content with your other content such as product information to create experiences that engage customers and help them shop. And because your spatial experience gets it's content dynamically from your CMS, you can update it instantly, at any time, without a developer. 

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Hybrid Headless

Manage content in one single hub, and reuse it across the web and all your channels. Magnolia provides for headless scenarios full WYSIWYG editing & preview, tied in personalization and analytics, and unlimited integrations. Make headless great - no need to sacrifice authoring experience or enterprise features. 

Headless CMS


Understand your sources of traffic, best performing campaigns, and where you have room for improvement. Magnolia brings together personalization, insights and optimization capabilities, so that you can improve your experiences, without touching any code.


Track user behavior on any Magnolia touchpoint, make digital enrollment effortless with forms, and integrate your customer data platform to create a 360-degree view of your customers. Then use your content pools and Magnolia’s capabilities to engage them at every step in their journey. Define segments and personas, and fully individualize experiences according to user profile and intent.

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A/B/n Testing

Optimize the performance of your content, and convert more visitors into leads. Magnolia allows you to test multiple variants and determine which option is preferred by each audience. It also persists the winning variant to the CMS easily.

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Analytics & insights

Track the performance of your content and campaigns, and see the insights without ever having to leave your Magnolia screen. Connect any analytics tools you need, and aggregate data from multiple sources into a single dashboard in Magnolia. Flexibly display the metrics you are interested in, and get detailed insights about traffic, engagement and conversions, across your entire website or specific pages.

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Get an all-in-one SEO solution with Magnolia and Siteimprove: on-page diagnostics, keywords insights, and prioritized list of recommendations to improve technical platform, on-page SEO, user and mobile experience. Enhance the quality of your content and user experience via readability checks, broken links and spell checks.

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