Omnichannel Campaign Management

Create and manage the entire customer experience of a targeted campaign in one place, without touching any code.


Benefits for campaign managers

Visual editor

Build campaigns fast without IT support. Campaign content can be a simple banner or a complex layout with product assets, teasers, or anything that will entice your audience.


Personalize campaigns for different personas and segments. Keep your customers engaged with content individualized by the system based on real time insights from the user journey.

Integrated experiences

Integrate campaign content with touchpoints across web, email, social or mobile channels. Display in versatile ways and reuse content - from fragments like banners, to entire campaigns.

Structured management

Manage all campaign elements within Magnolia, publish with just a click, and re-run at any time. Custom workflows let you create, preview, and push campaigns ahead of time.

Marketing automation

Connectors to leading systems like Marketo and Salesforce Sales Cloud help orchestrate campaigns from end to end and automate delivery across web and email touchpoints.

Campaign tracking

Set up campaign tracking codes in Magnolia and integrate with your analytics, marketing and advertising tools to get a 360-degree view of your customers, channels and sources of sales.

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All campaigns in one app

Get a centralized view of all your campaigns and promotional initiatives. You can see the state of readiness, preview campaign items, and publish whole campaigns with a single click. 


All elements in one place

Create your campaign, add pages and other content such as assets, and configure campaign parameters. You can craft appealing campaigns with complex layouts - all without IT.

Create the best digital experiences with Magnolia

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