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Integrating Your Content Management With Your Marketing Automation

Integrating Your Content Management With Your Marketing Automation

A Walkthrough of the Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack

The speed with which technology changes today makes it very difficult for your business to rely on a suite approach to selecting a platform for your customer experience. Around 56% of marketers don’t believe that their companies can keep up with the changes in marketing technology.

In order to counteract this, modern technology stacks need to favour a best of breed approach to provide you with what your brand requires.

At the heart of your marketing tech stack lies your CMS. The traditional CMS platforms of old are now outdated as they only gave you capabilities to manage a minimal number of channels.

A headless CMS helps you to manage multiple channels and types of content, but it is also the bare minimum. Now, your CMS needs to act more like a digital experience platform (DXP) to prevent you from making unnecessary additional investments and updates to your tech stack.

Taking a best of breed approach to building a DXP helps you to locate the best platform to manage your content and deliver it to several channels seamlessly. Your platform should also be able to store and manage large amounts of data and aid you in leveraging that data with connections and integrations to complementary software.

With Magnolia, our headless CMS offers you not only our best of breed philosophy but also the flexibility and freedom to integrate with software that helps you take your brand to the next level, starting with marketing automation.


Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack

Easily capture, manage and enable personalized experiences with external customer data.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation offers organizations a way to automate repetitive tasks, track the results of marketing campaigns and use the results to improve productivity and efficiency.

Businesses can track campaigns and understand the effectiveness of email marketing, lead generation tactics and more. Ultimately, they can use the results of this data to improve the bottom line and convert more prospects into customers.

Marketing automation exists to create more dynamic marketing campaigns and provide value for your desired audience. Content plays a significant role in marketing automation. After all, it is the major player in your marketing playbook.

With automation, you can understand which content is most relevant and distribute it to your audience across various channels and touchpoints, transforming your content into an even more valuable weapon in your arsenal.

There are several benefits to marketing automation; as evidenced by the increased ROI it provides with roughly 77% of marketers reporting an increase in conversions.

For most companies, this involves the ability to generate better leads, nurture these leads, gain a 360-degree view of their customers and personalize the customer journey.

Marketing automation alone won’t be able to deliver all of this value. The real benefit of marketing automation is in using it alongside other parts of your marketing toolset.

The best place to start is with the CMS at the core of your martech stack.


Boost Your CMS with Connectivity

On its own, a headless CMS is an excellent tool for connecting multiple channels and engaging your customers across several digital touchpoints. The ability to connect to any front end, whether that be a desktop, mobile device, smart speaker, digital signage or other IoT device can take your marketing to the next level.

But for a CMS to move beyond just managing content and become a digital experience platform, it needs some added functionality.

Magnolia is a hybrid headless CMS that not only connects to multiple front ends with the help of APIs but also provides marketers with the tools they need to create valuable content for your audience.

With drag and drop content editors, integrated user experiences and more, marketers can deliver vibrant and dynamic content at every stage of the customer journey.

The goal of marketers today is to deliver hyper-personalized content and omnichannel experiences to their audiences. It’s what customers demand, and a hybrid headless CMS can help do that.

Doing so effectively means relying on a vast amount of data and then leveraging that data to aid your marketing efforts.

Magnolia makes that possible with the help of connector packs and integration (Magnolia Marketplace). With connector packs, Magnolia CMS can be extended into other digital systems. This will facilitate easier integration and give you the flexibility to change products at any time.


Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack

The Marketing Automation Connector Pack allows you to form a connection with your customers. Most enterprise companies readily utilize a customer data platform (CDP), a customer relationship management (CRM) system or marketing automation already. However, most often these combinations don’t offer a way to use that data for experience personalization.

With the Marketing Automation Connector Pack, it’s easy to integrate with external systems and pull data into your CMS. Magnolia CMS gives you everything you need to integrate your marketing automation and handle your content management in the cloud. Let’s dive into its capabilities.

Out-of-the-box connectors

First off, the Marketing Automation Connector Pack makes marketers and developers lives much more manageable by seamlessly integrating with leading software providers like Marketo and Salesforce. Get started with basic configurations or create your own using Magnolia APIs if no connector is available.

Out-of-the-box connectors

Web-to-lead functionality

Capturing, managing and nurturing leads is so much easier with Magnolia. Now you can build and maintain contact and lead generation forms with the simple Magnolia GUI, replacing forms on websites and other touchpoints.

Web-to-lead functionality

Forms and form fields

Editors no longer need to waste time with error-prone HTML. With Magnolia, you can fetch forms in real-time, update them to reflect external system changes and embed them into pages with a few clicks. Magnolia lets you standardize forms to reflect the branding and design of your website and maintain seamless experiences. Progressive form profiling is also supported.

forms and form fields

Easy configuration

Connecting Magnolia to your Marketing Automation Software is a matter of minutes. It takes just 10 lines of configuration.

Thanks to our Unified Framework approach - which implies a common data schema and agnostic APIs for Marketing Automation software - you can also integrate other systems yourself, with very little effort.

easy configuration

Automate Your Marketing Experiences with Magnolia

Marketing automation is a fantastic tool that can be used to improve customer experiences by providing more relevant data to marketing and sales teams. From that data, content can be specifically tailored to deliver personalized experiences your audience will love.

Leverage the power of a hybrid headless CMS like Magnolia and utilize the Marketing Automation Connector Pack to help drive these experiences for your customers and avoid context switching by having everything located in a central digital experience hub.

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