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Emmi is now able to launch a new website in an average of 3 weeks – with a tenth (10%) of the costs that were previously needed.


Emmi is the leading Swiss manufacturer of high-quality dairy products, with a strong international presence. The company distributes its quality products in around 60 countries, and manufactures them in over 30 own production sites located in nine countries. With more than 9,000 employees, 70% of whom work outside Switzerland, the Emmi Group (EMMN) generated sales of CHF 3.9 billion in 2021.

The challenge

A unified system landscape for all of Emmi's websites

Emmi and its subsidiaries address not only consumers in Switzerland, but also throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas – with numerous multi-language, brand, B2B and corporate sites. Before switching to Magnolia, Emmi's 80 websites were previously managed in different content management systems, so achieving a harmonious brand communication was really a challenge.

Emmi was therefore looking for a solution to centrally manage all of the group's websites, to standardize components and processes, and thus to make the entire brand communication more efficient. 

Editors needed a simpler and more effective way to manage content for all these websites, through a uniform system landscape. In addition, Emmi was looking to better exploit existing synergies between the individual brands, in order to reduce the effort and the costs of content management. Finally, consumers worldwide should be offered a uniform brand experience, while preserving each brand's individual character.

The solution

Together with Magnolia and digital agency Merkle, which drove the conception and implementation as customer experience expert, Emmi developed a new website that met all these requirements. The new system offers modular components and templates that are the same for all Emmi brands. This way, the company benefits from synergies between the individual brands and simplified content management.

A central platform for multi-brand communications

With the new CMS, the brand managers coordinate the communication for each brand from a central system that enables them to easily manage different languages and countries. Corporate websites are also managed and maintained via the same central system. Consolidation onto one system saves both time and costs, and enables Emmi to integrate new brands flexibly and quickly.

Own look and feel for each brand through themeable styleguide

Thanks to a themeable styleguide, the new system protects the uniqueness of the individual brands and continues to offer consumers an attractive experience. The thermeable styleguide enables all brands to build their own identity, while keeping the basic components and modules the same for all.

This significantly simplifies design for both existing brand sites, as well for new brands. In addition, the smart tagging function offers consumers relevant content that automatically plays out based on their behavior and what they click on.

The result

More efficiency and a data-driven mindset

The new system landscape based on Magnolia's CMS exceeded the high expectations set by Emmi. There has been a significant efficiency increase through standardized processes. Emmi is now able to launch a new website in an average of 3 weeks – with tenth (10%) of the costs that were previously needed.

In addition, this marks a digitalization milestone for Emmi. The new platform has also enabled the establishment of a data-driven mindset within the company, which will help drive Emmi's digital transformation beyond the scope of the project.


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