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Deploying Magnolia’s CMS has enabled Liberis to launch multiple sites in such a short space of time and empower our marketing team with more flexibility and greater freedom to launch global initiatives.


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Leading fintech and small business finance provider

As a leading fintech and small business finance provider, Liberis helps thousands of small businesses get access to vital funding. But providing small businesses around the world with access to simple, flexible and fair finance, it requires a strong online presence that caters for everyone — no matter where they are in the world. 

With a global rebrand on the horizon, Liberis needed a content management system that would help it reach an international audience and keep customers and partners up-to-date with the company’s latest financial services offerings. 

The Challenge

Keeping up with market changes

Before deploying Magnolia, updating the Liberis website was a very slow and manual process. The marketing team relied heavily on developers to make even the smallest changes to the website, often meaning that updates and digital projects took far longer than necessary.

For a brand offering up-to-date information and financial advice, this inability to create and publish content in real-time posed a real problem for the Liberis team. At the same time, interactive elements such as Liberis’ financial eligibility checker could not receive the regular updates they required. 

These issues were added to by the cross-country nature of Liberis’ business, which spans a global, UK and US version of the site, along with two partner sites. 

The Solution

Freedom to curate and publish

Working to a tight deadline for the global rebrand, Liberis required a reliable, out-of-the-box CMS that would give the marketing team complete control over the company’s content. 

Liberis turned to Magnolia to help build a more flexible, intuitive and scalable system that would be able to grow with the business and meet changing customer and organisational demands.

In 2019, Liberis implemented Magnolia’s Cloud CMS, selecting the platform based on a number of key features and benefits:

All-in-one design

Magnolia’s slick user interface and out-of-the-box tools meant that Liberis’ marketing team could get to work curating, planning and optimising content right away. 

Liberis can now manage all of its content in one hub, using Magnolia’s Campaign Manager to rapidly run digital campaigns across multiple pages and sites. Using Magnolia’s Visual SPA editor, marketers can also fully preview pages ahead of publishing, allowing them to see exactly what a user will experience, regardless of which platform or channel they use.

Magnolia also provides Liberis with an open framework, allowing the CMS to easily integrate with the brand’s existing CRM, along with other marketing tools, apps and add-ons. This gives the company a comprehensive view of its entire marketing environment, all within a single, unified platform. 

Smarter personalisation

Liberis needed a solution that would show personalised content depending on where a consumer is located or what industry they work in. 

Using Magnolia, Liberis can now ensure that site visitors from the UK only receive financial information which relates to the rules and regulations in their country. Similarly, those visiting from the USA will receive their own customised information and resources. 

As Liberis expands, this personalisation will also become more detailed, offering individualised experiences according to user profile and intent. Through this personalised approach, the company hopes to offer better customer experiences and ultimately encourage greater engagement with the brand.

Create once, publish everywhere

With a large marketing presence, Liberis needs to be able to quickly push campaigns across multiple landing pages simultaneously. With the older CMS, Liberis could not make bulk edits to its websites, meaning that each edit had to be performed individually and in a single, local silo. This caused huge delays when launching digital campaigns.

Through Magnolia’s Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) feature, Liberis can create a piece of content and then publish it multiple times across other pages. With financial guidelines, relevant advice and legal requirements constantly changing, Liberis’ marketing team can now ensure that visitors are always kept up-to-date — regardless of which site they’re visiting. 

The Result

Greater digital presence

In just one month, the entire migration from the company’s older CMS to Magnolia was complete — right in time for the company’s global relaunch. 

The Liberis marketing team no longer has to rely on developers to make updates to the website, which has resulted in content being delivered three times faster, as well as huge cost and time savings. Not to mention how marketers are now enjoying greater freedom and flexibility to create and publish content across multiple sites. 

Following the successful launch of five websites, including UK and US sites, Liberis is working with Magnolia to further expand its brand by launching local language websites. 

Magnolia’s CMS is so intuitive and easy to use. We can now centrally manage all of our content and ensure that visitors to the website are kept up-to-date with our latest offerings.
Rafferty Gifford

Rafferty Gifford

Digital Marketing Lead, Liberis

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