Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Secure your technology investments and replace anything, any time by creating a flexible, yet durable digital platform with Magnolia at its core.

Build your DXP with Magnolia

Magnolia is the connecting tissue around which you assemble a modular DXP that drives not only content reuse across multi-experiences, but also faster, more efficient content operations for your channel and functional teams. 


Highlighted benefits

Powerful REST APIs

Magnolia's rich set of integration points, open source codebase and flexible UI make it excellent for integration. Mature public APIs enable fast and easy integration, including microservices.


Complement REST with GraphQL to query for complex content structures with fewer calls and compelling API structure, allowing for simplification and targeted delivery. 

Connector packs

Get pre-built connector packs for commerce, DAM, customer data, analytics and optimization. Every pack comes with a blueprint for easy integration and specific connectors.


Magnolia is compatible with any cloud infrastructure and can run in public, private or hybrid clouds. Use our cloud solutions for increased agility and flexible scaling.


A flexible deployment model fits any infrastructure size and scales up and down as necessary. Advanced dynamic caching ensures the fastest possible delivery even for personalized content.


Role-based security, single sign-on (SSO) and decoupled author and public servers provide the highest levels of security. Not a single penetration test failed, ever.

A modular, API-first approach to DX

Unique connector approach

Magnolia Connector Packs accelerate integration to best-in-class systems for Commerce, Marketing Automation, Analytics, DAM and more. Each Connector Pack brings a generic integration framework which accelerates time to market and makes changing products easy and less costly.


No-code integrations with Multisource

If a Magnolia Connector Pack contains a connection to your content or data source, use that first. If not, then use Multisource to accomplish your integration. With Multisource, Magnolia makes it fast and easy to connect to any content source with just a few lines of configuration.


With Magnolia we have found the perfect basis for the new ecosystem of the VHV. The combination of the highly flexible architecture, the ease of use and the ability to integrate a large variety of business applications has been proven with the project.

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