Magnolia x Meet-Up // -
Get Ahead With Headless


Watch this on-demand technical Meet-Up from Magnolia to learn how to keep effective cross-functional collaboration alive and get started faster on your headless projects. 

Magnolia x Meet-Up // - Get Ahead With Headless


Watch Magnolia to hear about: 

  • Why Magnolia was awarded 'Visionary' status by Gartner and the paradigm shift towards a more composable digital experience strategy.
  • How to develop experiences fast with The Headless Accelerator our brand new unified design system that accelerates front-end development.
  • How to embrace everything Jamstack with the power to actually visually edit a NextJS frontend in real-time.


With guest speaker from Salesforce, who will discuss: 

  • How to enhance content-commerce experiences and increase sales by combining the power of Magnolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • How content-commerce strategies bring efficiencies via speed and future-proof flexibility and a best-in-class headless approach for the enterprise.
  • How Magnolia's React Editor makes it easy to give authors control in headless PWA projects.
10 mins

Welcome to Meet-Up

Introduction to Magnolia and why Gartner recognises us as a Visionary in the latest Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms for understanding market direction and being a catalyst for change.

  • Darren Hitchcock2
    Darren Hitchcock General Manager (UKI & Nordics), Magnolia
20 mins

Best Authoring Experience Meets Best Developer Experience. Magnolia + NextJS

Everyone wants to work on React and NextJS now - and create great websites. However, they manage content only in forms. Magnolia enables full NextJS Jamstack on Netlify, Vercel or whatever you want - and gives authors the power to edit a NextJS frontend in realtime, visually.

  • topher-new-square
    Topher Zimmerman Product Manager, Magnolia
20 mins

How Magnolia's Personalisation Enhances Headless Projects

Magnolia continues to add support for headless architectures and is pleased to now offer personalised responses from REST endpoints. Chris will demonstrate how the new headless-centric traits of cookies, URI parameters and request headers are quickly configured via light development and used to deliver tailored content to your clients.

  • small-Chris Jennings
    Chris Jennings Magnolia, Senior Solution Architect
20 mins

Accelerating the Headless Development of Digital Experiences

What if a developer tool could help you launch headless projects faster, reduce risks and costs, and deliver on-brand customer experiences with React, Angular, Vue, or any other frontend framework? Enter The Headless Accelerator. 

  • Vishal Sakaria author
    Vishal Sakaria Solution Architect, Magnolia
20 mins

Amplify Content-Commerce Experiences and Increase Sales - Headless Without the BS!

  • Keynote

An introduction of Salesforce's PWA Kits full-blown storefront to improve shopping experiences, plus James' views and practical wisdom of the hype around headless, what this strategy looks like, why it's important and how you can create great commerce experiences - without the BS! 

  • james-semple
    James Semple Product Management Director, Salesforce
Q&A // Wrap Up


Darren Hitchcock

Darren Hitchcock

General Manager (UKI & Nordics), Magnolia 

Industry veteran, Retail and commerce specialist and practised in many of the driving forces of today's businesses.


Chris Jennings

Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia

Agency developer turned consultant turned freelancer, now advising clients about how Magnolia can help them and their business.

Topher Zimmermann

Topher Zimmerman

Product Manager, Magnolia

Front-end expert, SaaS-enthusiast, passionate about positive creative possibilities and realities of technology.


Vishal Sakaria

Solution Architect, Magnolia

Software engineer focused on design, superior user experiences and using object-oriented principles. 


James Semple

Product Management Director, Salesforce

Highly technical, pre-sales solution architect, experienced with bringing American start-ups into European territory.