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Boosting direct sales

Air Europa is a Spanish airline founded in 1984 with a hub in Madrid. The company operates in more than 25 markets, in 8 languages and a large part of its market is in Latin America and Europe.

In recent years, Air Europa generated great growth online, promoting sales through its direct channels, which became the first sales channel within the company.

They had a proprietary development CMS that generated stability problems, especially when it came to working on a complex website with 29 sites (1 to 5 languages per site) different languages globally.

To continue growing, they concluded that at a technical level they should choose new tools and make a relaunch based on four pillars:

  1. New CMS: The proprietary CMS was not very agile and not very flexible.
  2. New payment platform.
  3. New architecture and infrastructure.
  4. New Booking Engine for: Sale - Postsale - Check-in.

The Challenge

Building a new User Interface

As the company's website is the main sales channel through which passengers buy Air Europa services, it was internally concluded that they needed to build a new hybrid website based on two parts:

  • Headless: they were looking for a CMS that would allow them to publish all the content through the API for the most dynamic pages, i.e. those that have the most changes and various components: the Home, Booking, Postsales, Check-in.
  • CMS-Framework: their objective was to be able to build all the templates within the CMS for the areas of Information, Loyalty and Landing Pages.

They were looking for a CMS that would allow them

  • Multi-language, multi-market, multi-device and multi-site management.
  • The possibility of reusing content.
  • Flexibility and ease of use, without depending on development.
  • Combine traditional and Headless CMS capabilities on websites.
  • Ability to industrialize the management of Landing Pages.
  • Stability.
  • Possibility of developing and managing native App content for both iOS and Android.

The Solution

CMS that is agile and easy to use

Magnolia met all their requirements and was specially chosen because of the Live Copy tool which gave them the possibility of having specific variations or content for each market but keeping the core of the language unified.

Why Magnolia?

  • Open Source CMS, supported by a community.
  • Flexibility and stability.
  • Multi language.
  • Costs did not skyrocket.

Thanks to Magnolia's flexibility and agility, Air Europa can:

  • Build native apps for both iOS and Android,
  • managing content through Magnolia.
  • Construction of new Headless environments.
  • Generate customization in the content and be able to work independently of development.

The Result

In the first months the Air Europa team achieved the following results:

  • Segmentation and personalization of content without depending on IT.
  • Fast autonomous publishing and creating of landing pages and sites.
  • Component variety and freedom.
  • Decrease the publication times of the campaigns.
  • Flexibility and agility in updating and creating content.
  • Resolve issues in hours which took them weeks before implementing Magnolia.


+40 reusable components

+25 markets with personalized content

With Magnolia, we've been able to finish in 5 days a job that took us weeks and was highly stressful.
Óscar Riolobos

Óscar Riolobos

Web Business Manager, Air Europa

The customization possibilities and being able to work independently of development allow us to perform much faster.
Silvia Barroso

Silvia Barroso

UX Manager, Air Europa

We needed a CMS that was flexible, open, simple, and supported by a very large community. So we chose Magnolia.
Iván De Paz

Iván De Paz

Senior IT Project Manager, Air Europa


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