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How Magnolia customers are transforming digitally

  • Unified digital experience management

    Manage your entire digital presence in a single platform that lets you deliver content across sites, brands, and channels.

    Baloise manages 16 sites consisting of 20,000 pages in one platform, making it easier to roll out digital experiences while ensuring brand consistency across all.

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    "With Magnolia, we have an efficient platform that allows us to quickly and easily integrate services and applications, connect our marketing tools, and achieve our marketing and sales goals."

    Michael Besel

    Head of Digital at Baloise Switzerland

  • Self-service portals

    Enable customers, partners, and employees to self-serve in a secure portal.

    Prosegur integrated Magnolia with Microsoft Active Directory, giving 160,000 employees and contractors in 26 countries secure access to its intranet, which is available in 5 languages.

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    "Magnolia is a cost-effective system that coped perfectly with our complex organization. It adapted very well to our highly segmented company and is easy to use by all non-IT personnel giving us exceptional content design-to-publish lead times."
    prosegur-Santiago Lecomte

    Santiago Lecomte

    Global HRIS Director at Prosegur

  • Content-driven commerce

    Create engaging commerce experiences through storytelling with content.

    Sainsbury's brought together grocery and general merchandise journeys so customers can find whatever they need in a one-stop shop, from buying to cooking recipes.

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    "Thanks to Magnolia, we’ve increased the speed at which we can create, manage and launch digital content. Our authors have benefited from reduced content creation time and the ability to respond to customers almost instantly during peak events. "

    Rob Sargent

    Senior Lead Product Manager at Sainsbury’s

  • Lower costs and improved agility

    Make your teams more agile and reduce the overall cost of delivering your digital experiences.

    Union Investment migrated 70 websites and portals into a single platform. Its one-DXP strategy has resulted in cost savings as well as improved efficiency.

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    "Union Investment has relied on Magnolia as our central DXP for nearly a decade. The best-of-breed approach guarantees seamless integrations and maximum reliability. As equal partners, the collaboration with Magnolia is extremely valuable."

    Chris Chard

    Head of Web CMS at Union Investment