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Providing the foundation for digital transformation

MCIS Insurance Berhad (MCIS Life) is a life insurer that offers an array of financial services such as insurance, investment, and savings. It is committed to lending clients a helping hand at all times. The company’s foundation dates back to 1954, and over the years, it has grown from strength to strength.

Recognizing that they needed to venture into digital transformation, MCIS Life needed a new online agent portal and a platform that could scale quickly and be easily customized with additional functionality in the future.


The Challenge


Building a modern agent portal

Without an online agent portal at their disposal, MCIS Life staff were running operations manually using outdated desktop applications. Agents struggled to update work status, retrieve sales data, or view commission updates. To keep up with competitors, MCIS Life knew that it was time for digital transformation.

They already knew that a flexible digital experience platform (DXP) was necessary as the foundation for their new agency system. Yet, it had to align with any future business expansion and provide low operating costs. 

Easy scalability and customizability were at the top of the list of requirements. Still, the platform also needed to be user-friendly with a low learning curve so that their operations team could get up to speed quickly. Plus, to meet the demands of their audience, headless capabilities and omnichannel delivery were a must.

The Solution

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Connecting marketing, agency, and IT

Despite the competition from a leading headless CMS vendor, MCIS Life chose Magnolia due to its flexible DX architecture and lower licensing costs. Digital firm 3Enix collaborated with a small internal team from MCIS Life on the implementation.

After the marketing and agency departments discovered Magnolia’s DX features and how easily content could be produced for multiple agencies, it sparked a collaborative effort between the three departments that had never been possible before. 

Magnolia CMS provides a digital platform that integrates various backend functions under one roof. Previous manual processes are now streamlined, facilitating better information distribution and improving how the IT staff can manage content delivery. Magnolia’s open architecture has made it easier to integrate 3rd party systems and services efficiently.

Personalized and secure authenticated experiences 

Magnolia has streamlined the SSO login process with multiple agencies and agents accessing the platform by integrating with MCIS Life’s existing SSO system. Also, with Magnolia’s personalization features, different user roles can access the information most relevant to them. Using this feature, 3Enix managed one of the core requirements during the development phase, allowing them to segregate and plan the information access and architecture framework easily.

The Result

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An omnichannel agent experience 

Magnolia has allowed MCIS Life to optimize and simplify its web content, improve the digital experience and personalization for agents, and streamline information delivery to agents across the country.

Agents now have an omnichannel experience at their fingertips as they can log in to the portal and view their dashboard from multiple devices without having to be in an office. Magnolia allows the internal marketing team to present complex data and information from various data sources with its flexible templates.

In addition, the content publication time has been reduced from hours to only seconds, and they have received 90% positive user feedback. Finally, MCIS Life now enjoys enhanced security with automated installations. The IT team can integrate multiple systems without any issues, adding a payment gateway, insurance agent backend, E-recruitment, and CPD systems.

Magnolia not only transformed and automated the working processes between different departments within MCISLIFE but it improved the working culture and mindset of marketing and IT personnel.
Ivan Tan

Ivan Tan

Engagement Director, Three Enix Consulting


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