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Magnolia is the only headless content management solution laser-focused on empowering all users to create compelling omnichannel experiences.

The Magnolia difference



Easy to use and effective

A slick modern UI, streamlined workflows across the CMS and all connected systems, along with out-of-the-box tools to create, plan and optimize experiences make Magnolia truly best-in-class for marketers and authors. 

Automation powered by AI makes tasks such as tagging, search and personalization even faster, scalable and more effective.  




Flexible and lightning fast

Magnolia is built on a highly flexibile architecture, open standards and rich set of integration points. You get full flexibility to employ microservices and to deliver experiences with a headless approach, fully server-rendered or any combination.

Inspired by frontend development practices, our unique light-weight development approach brings the fastest possible time-to-value.




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Build your fully tailored
digital platform

Assemble a flexible, yet durable DX stack with Magnolia at its core. Powerful APIs and our unique Connector Packs accelerate integrations and bring all available content and data inside Magnolia—in one unified UI.


Create and preview experiences for any channel

Manage content in one hub, without the need for legacy migration, and reuse across channels with no restrictions. Authors get full experience preview and visual controls to craft amazing connected experiences.


Accelerate personalization
and optimization

Boost performance with Magnolia’s personalization and optimization capabilities. Actionable data and insights are tightly coupled to content and embedded in the authoring UI, speeding optimization cycles. 

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Not a single project failed 

due to Magnolia, ever.


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How we stack against the competition

  Suites and legacy solutions SaaS only solutions Magnolia

Ease of use  

Workflows across integrated suite tools often fragmented and cumbersome 



Very limited and poor authoring tools (most solutions offer form-editing only)

Best-in-class for author experience (structured content editing, WYSIWYG, visual SPA editor, full experience preview)

Ease of integration 

Complex and typically closed codebase makes integration with non-suite systems difficult, producing vendor lock-in 


Limited out-of-the-box connectors. New extensions and integrations take major development resources

Open standards, powerful APIs, and productized Connector Packs streamline and accelerate integrations

Headless & omnichannel    

Limited architectural flexibility for headless and microservices


Headless native and highly flexible, however lack of mature authoring tools leaves practitioners “in the dark”


Headless with more flexibility (go headless, user server-side rendering, or any combination). Authors get full visual controls and preview

Time to value

Steep learning and development curve due to monolithic and complex codebase


Fast to start with, but further growth usually difficult (customization and extension takes major development resources) 


Light and fast to deploy (our unique Light Development approach offers the fastest possible time to value)


Steeper license, development and infrastructure costs


Less expensive to get started, but hidden costs of missing features increases TCO

Best cost to value ratio and transparency


What our customers say

What analysts say


Magnolia CMS was the only vendor added to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM in 2019. Magnolia was positioned the furthest for completeness of vision in the Niche Players quadrant.



Magnolia CMS was named a Contender in the latest Forrester Wave for WCMS. According to the Forrester report, “Magnolia references routinely cite how ‘approachable’ the solution is”.


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