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Bring together content, data and services in one seamless platform. Orchestrate experiences across channels. Integrate your stack and deliver software in an agile way. 


Magnolia Digital Experience Platform

Today’s DX productions have become big operations involving many, independent teams collaborating over decoupled technology. Magnolia's flexible DXP empowers all users so that you can achieve digital excellence at speed and scale. 

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With Magnolia you get a robust content hub, feature-complete multi-experience creation tools, and API-first architecture to integrate your business applications, any front-end frameworks and deployment infrastructure. 

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Connector packs natively extend Magnolia's CMS into your other core digital systems. You get blueprints for easy integration, off-the-shelf connectors, and flexibility to change products at any time.

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Highlighted benefits



Reusable content hub

Aggregate content from external sources into one single hub and reuse in atomic formats across all touchpoints.

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API-first architecture

Use robust public APIs to enable your needed integrations. Bring in data and content without the need to migrate into one single repository.

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Full experience control

Work with structured, unstructured and semi-structured content, with full visual control and preview even in headless context.

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Front-end agnostic

Manage content in one hub and deliver to any channel or front-end app with every API you need, while preserving a great authoring experience.

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Smart personalization

Actionable data and insights are tightly coupled to content and embedded in the authoring UI, speeding optimization cycles.

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Continuous delivery

Deliver software at the pace of business with a native PaaS that integrates into your deployment ecosystem and any public, private or hybrid cloud.

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How we stack against the competition


Suites and legacy solutions SaaS only solutions Magnolia

Ease of use  

Workflows across integrated suite tools often fragmented and cumbersome 



Very limited and poor authoring tools (most solutions offer form-editing only)

Best-in-class for author experience (structured content editing, WYSIWYG, visual SPA editor, full experience preview)

Ease of integration 

Complex and typically closed codebase makes integration with non-suite systems difficult, producing vendor lock-in 


Limited out-of-the-box connectors. New extensions and integrations take major development resources

Open standards, powerful APIs, and productized Connector Packs streamline and accelerate integrations

Headless & omnichannel    

Limited architectural flexibility for headless and microservices


Headless native and highly flexible, however lack of mature authoring tools leaves practitioners “in the dark”


Headless with more flexibility (go headless, user server-side rendering, or any combination). Authors get full visual controls and preview

Time to value

Steep learning and development curve due to monolithic and complex codebase


Fast to start with, but further growth usually difficult (customization and extension takes major development resources) 


Light and fast to deploy (our unique Light Development approach offers the fastest possible time to value)


Steeper license, development and infrastructure costs


Less expensive to get started, but hidden costs of missing features increases TCO

Best cost to value ratio and transparency



+20 years

in enterprise content

3 weeks

to get up to speed
with your project.

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What our customers say

Recognized by Leading Analysts


Gartner Magic Quadrant for
Digital Experience Platforms 2021

Magnolia was placed furthest on completeness of vision among the Niche Players in the Magic Quadrant.


Ars Logica Compass Guide to WCM

Magnolia has been recognized in the Compass Guide to Web Content Management, an independent review of technology platforms that Ars Logica considers to be most relevant in the current market.


Forrester Wave for WCMS

Magnolia was named a Contender in the latest Forrester Wave for WCMS. According to the Forrester report, “Magnolia references routinely cite how ‘approachable’ the solution is”.


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