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Primeo Energie built their headless design system on Magnolia


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Creating a unique user experience faster

Primeo Energie is a Swiss energy company that supplies around 180,000 customers in several countries across Europe with electricity. The company works across multiple sectors, including the power grid, renewable energy, heat, and energy delivery, and serves both B2B and B2C sectors.

Primeo Energie wanted a new website that would help them emotionally connect with their customers and allow their internal teams to implement what their customers wanted quickly.


The Challenge

Driving more inbound customers

With their B2B customers now able to choose their energy supplier, Primero Energie faced competition, not only from other energy providers but also from digitization, changing the way they spoke to customers. 

Prior to using Magnolia, their previous website was static without much engaging content to make their customers seek them out. 

They needed a new dynamic website that enabled their customers to find everything they were looking for. Plus, they needed to cater to their B2B customers who wanted access to knowledge about their products and services, as well as their retail customers who wanted engaging experiences, all in the same website.

The Solution

A future-proof and flexible CMS

One headless content pool 

Primeo Energie decided to choose Magnolia to launch their new website because the CMS made it easy to create content once and deliver it anywhere. With the headless capabilities that separated the back-end content management layer and front-end presentation layer, Primeo would be able to not only provide content to their website today but the other channels their customers frequented in the future. The front-end is built with Angular, and with their new design system and component library, Primeo’s marketing team can create landing pages within seconds.  

Visual authoring and control  

Magnolia’s WYSIWYG capabilities for headless enabled their marketing team to edit content and create compelling experiences with full editorial preview and control. Magnolia is so intuitive and easy to use that it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for an author to be onboarded and use it freely without any further IT assistance. 

Meeting technical challenges

Magnolia’s DX architecture enables Primeo to leverage the cost-effectiveness of the cloud and on-demand scalability as part of its hybrid infrastructure setup. Transitioning from their previous monolithic system to Magnolia’s microservices architecture has given them the flexibility to use orchestration and deploy containerized services across multiple environments. 

Primeo Energie also appreciates Magnolia’s compatibility with their pre-existing systems, such as Adobe Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento) for eCommerce. By leveraging APIs, they have a much easier time making integrations.

The Result

A new digital ecosystem

Marketers can now create unique experiences faster at lower costs, enabling faster time to market on digital campaigns that drive new customers. Along with the launch of their new website, Primeo also seeks to combine their publisher portals and create one streamlined experience and interface for their customers.

We chose Magnolia because of two elements. First of all, Magnolia is compatible with a lot of systems we already have, this is a critical point. Point two was, of course, costs and time to market.
Cedric Christmann

Cedric Christmann

CEO Primeo Energy, Energy Division

Magnolia makes our life easier because we are faster with headless. We can create more content, and deliver it faster.
Thomas Eglin

Thomas Eglin

Marketing Teamlead, Primeo Energy


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