Ramsey Solutions + Magnolia

Ramsey Solutions + Magnolia

We have seen a reduction of 50% in our time to market for a new page, and we’ve almost completely removed development from the process of creating a page or updating a page.
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Jeremy McDuffie

Director of Engineering, Ramsey Solutions

Ramsey Solutions gives people practical advice in the areas of money, business, leadership and personal development through their nationally syndicated radio shows, podcasts, bestselling books, products and events. The company's website lives in Magnolia, has 1,000s of pages and receives over 1,5 million visits per month. 

Before moving to Magnolia, it took on average a month to create a landing page, from start to finish, and most of that time would be spent in development. 

More than 15 previous websites were combined into a single website in Magnolia, and a custom-built design system which contains a strong set of components together with a standard template and documentation, allows teams to create great looking pages at a fraction of the time. 

Moving to Magnolia changed the way Ramsey Solutions manage their web presence. 

They have seen a reduction of over 50% in time to market for a new page and almost completely removed development from the process of creating or updating a page. The designers frequently work directly in Magnolia, rather than in their design tool, so a ton of speed increases there as well.

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