Headless CMS with no limits

With 80% more features than pure headless content management systems, Magnolia makes headless work for your enterprise.

Use Magnolia as pure headless CMS

Future proof your content

Use Magnolia in a pure headless mode, and manage content independently from where it's used. Reach customers on:

  • native mobile apps
  • Javascript web apps (SPA)
  • digital signage systems
  • chatbots
  • smart speakers e.g. Alexa

Access your content via our comprehensive REST APIs or other approach, without using the templating system at all. Develop in cutting-edge technologies like Angular, React or Vue, and grab your content from the CMS.

Explore the Magnolia headless CMS demo >

Content delivered by REST API to different devices

Headless CMS with enterprise grade features

Compared to pure headless CMS vendors, you get more power and robust enterprise CMS features with Magnolia.

Magnolia’s personalization features let you deliver personalized content in an effective and scalable way, even in headless scenarios.

Instantly preview content in different device resolutions, and even how it looks to different personalization segments.

Manage the publication process with four-eye workflow out-of-the-box and customize workflows as your enterprise requires.

Use Magnolia's flexible role- and group-based security policies to configure content and actions for specific users.

Headless CMS with open source flexibility

When to use a hybrid headless approach

When your project requires full CMS functionality and deep REST API access, then you're looking at a hybrid headless scenario.

Magnolia's open source heritage makes it super-flexible for different architectural scenarios. Hybrid headless mode lets you maintain a single source for both your structured and semi-structured content. Marketers have access to powerful authoring tools while content remains available across devices.

Laptop displaying code and web content decoupled

Creating content in a hybrid headless CMS

Bringing hybrid headless to life in Magnolia

Magnolia's Stories app enables content authors and marketers to quickly create and publish content to any channel or device.

See the feature overview video and explore more resources:

Download our white paper on how to go hybrid headless >

Read why a pure headless CMS won't solve all your woes >



Get a tour of our Stories app to see how you create value with hybrid headless.

Four techniques for going hybrid headless

1. Full CMS and REST API

This approach lets you create clean, presentation-independent content, serve the content through a website managed via the page tree and page editor, and serve it through REST endpoints. The popularity of mobile apps, front-end JavaScript frameworks and SOA, make this technique a very common one.

2. Page fragments as JSON

Marketers use the page editor to curate a section of a page with content and specific templates, while developers pull just the pure content of that fragment, as JSON, and render it in their app. The benefit is that marketers can easily manage not just their website, but also experiences that are used in other apps.

3. Page fragments as HTML

Marketers can create content fragments for use in mobile apps and other systems, using familiar tools. Since the content fragments are sent rendered in formats like HTML (instead of just as pure data), marketers can preview content just as the visitor will see it.

4. Build front-end apps

With this technique, developers design the front-end apps with a modern component-based architecture and technologies like Angular, React or Vue, while marketers use the page editor to manage the content of, and actually build apps (aka SPA). 

Mathijs Kraai

Super-quick publishing, full editorial freedom to create rich reading experiences, re-using content across all of our channels - Magnolia’s Stories app helps us to do all this successfully.

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