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Magnolia: headless since day one. With 80% more features than purely SaaS systems, it makes headless work for your enterprise.

Magnolia headless CMS benefits

Delivery endpoint API

Get the content you need, right away, with our out-of-the-box delivery endpoints. Configure and tune endpoints to deliver just the content that you need, even linked content. It's all there: filtering, sorting, paging, access to multiple translations and more.

Every API you need

Use the Nodes REST API to modify and upload content to the CMS, and the powerful Commands REST API to trigger any activity in Magnolia. Have a unique use-case? A Java development interface allows you to create completely custom endpoints too.

Content types

Provision authoring tools for your content authors in minutes with our Content Types feature. It’s the slimmest content definition on the market. Authoring tools are automatically provisioned, yet unlike other with CMSs, you get full control to customize the UI to meet your authors' needs.

Visual SPA editing

Empower your authors to edit not just raw content, but also the layout of your digital experiences. Authors use our WYSIWYG visual page builder to edit Single Page Applications (SPA) built with React, Angular, or Vue.

Flexible content authoring

With the addition of our block-based Stories App, you have three unique authoring tools to match your content requirements. Unlike most headless CMSs, authors can work with hierarchical content, i.e content that lives in intuitive nested folders.


Magnolia’s personalization features let you deliver personalized content in an effective and scalable way, even in a headless scenario. Authors get an intuitive UI and can instantly preview which content is delivered to different segments.


Find the right approach

See the advantages and drawbacks of different headless approaches and what Magnolia brings to headless, such as incremental migration, personalization and a great authoring experience.

Headless with no limits?

See an overview of Magnolia's headless advantages and the difference it will make for your projects.

Headless CMS your marketing team will love

Headless compliments a microservice approach, accelerates development, and makes it easier to find developers. But headless projects backfire when the authoring experience does not get proper attention.

In the typical headless approach, content authors and marketing staff enter content into forms, far removed from the actual digital experience. This can make sense for some projects, but it’s often a step backwards for authors.

To make compelling content, authors need to understand the actual context of where the content is used. They want a visual preview, and most of all they need more creative control.

Magnolia gives you both: pure headless delivery over REST APIs, while maintaining creative control and context for authors, thanks to our Visual SPA editing and Stories App technologies.

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Enterprise-grade headless CMS

The new crop of SaaS-based headless CMSs are good, but thin. Magnolia provides the features that enterprises need.

Employ full featured role-based security. Implement your governance processes with customizable four-eye publishing workflows. Enable your authors to target personalized content. Run in our cloud, or on your own servers, and much more.

Going headless doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch.


Super-quick publishing, full editorial freedom to create rich reading experiences, re-using content across all of our channels - Magnolia’s Stories app helps us to do all this successfully.

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