Magnolia Enterprise CMS

Enterprise clients enjoy the full range of Magnolia's powerful CMS features without sacrificing agility.

Enterprise CMS meets challenges at scale


Powerful features, customized for your needs

Magnolia offers a wealth of features to create digital experiences at enterprise scale. Custom solutions complement out-of-the-box capabilities. Global brands use Magnolia CMS to:

Stay agile, even at enterprise level

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The CMS for speed and flexibility

Modern enterprises need to react quickly to market changes. Marketers can create content with speed and ease in Magnolia, without the need of IT support. Frontend capabilities allow developers to create whole projects without Java.

With both on-premises and cloud deployment options, Magnolia offers the exact set-up to suit your needs.

Explore Magnolia's features

Enterprise headless CMS

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Ease of headless with the power of enterprise

Use Magnolia in headless mode, but enjoy 80% more features than pure headless content management systems.

Access your content via our comprehensive REST APIs or other approach, while still taking advantage of enterprise-grade CMS features such as personalization and workflows.


The right Headless CMS approach

See the advantages and drawbacks of different headless approaches and what Magnolia brings to headless, such as incremental migration, personalization and a great authoring experience.

4 challenges of enterprise content management

1. Managing permissions and workflows

As an enterprise company, you may have a large team working on your content across mulitple sites. This requires complex permissions and workflows, to make sure the right people see the content before publication and team members can work easily together.

2. Assuring security and stability

You need a platform that is 100% secure, with automated backups and support available to you globally 24/7/365. Look into cloud deployment options, where the CMS provider takes care of all security issues and leaves you free to focus on business.

3. Covering multiple sites in multiple languages

Global brands need to provide content that is consistent with style guidelines and corporate messaging but can be adapted to local versions of their websites. Search for an enterprise CMS that supports multi- and single-tree content structuring, as well as hybrid approaches.

4. Integrating a technology stack

Your marketers have tools, your developers have tools, and you may have legacy systems that are too costly to replace. An enterprise CMS with a best-of-breed approach will allow you to integrate the tools you already use for powerful content management.

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