What's Magnolia CMS best at?

Our clients use Magnolia CMS to power complex best-of-breed digital experiences. Here's what we think our platform offers them and you.

Agility across your entire project

Markets boom and bust overnight. Magnolia lets you act quickly and change direction easily.


Dive into Magnolia's authoring environment in just minutes. Even set up new development environments in about 15 minutes (or less) with Magnolia's CLI tool.

Build new sites and features in days or weeks. Shorten your time-to-market with agile development practices.

Build your website and DX projects iteratively and scale up and down as your business needs change.

A robust and future-ready platform is there to take on your deep integration and enterprise-scale requirements.

Headless, headed or hybrid


Customizable REST APIs let you use headed, headless or hybrid architectures. Easily deliver structured and unstructured content to multiple channels (without giving up enterprise CMS features).

Continuous parallel delivery

Design, development and marketing teams can safely work in parallel without getting in each other's way. 


Each of your teams can be
independently productive.


Get started with basic authoring or development in just 15 minutes.


of the ~21 million devs in the world
have the skills to start using Magnolia.

Efficiency that builds on your strengths

DX projects must work with a diverse stack of technologies and empower people in many roles. Magnolia is built to get the best from the people and tools that power your digital experiences.


Magnolia’s web-based interface is easy to learn and easy to use. The learning curve for authors and developers is short.

Magnolia makes it fast and easy to set up new suppliers and development teams, and to get them productive.

Connect your current tools and legacy systems to an agile platform to build engaging digital experiences.

Whether you're in the box, outside the box or just next to the box, Magnolia gives you the control you need to run your projects the way you like.


Your people. Your tools. Your way.

Work with your existing teams and the external agencies that you have grown comfortable with. Connect your current tools and legacy systems to an agile platform to build engaging digital experiences. Your strategy and requirements lead the vision. With our global network of partners, we help you build win-win solutions.

Innovation with fewer headaches

You already innovate. It's your job, even when you have to fight with software and vendors to do it. Our job is to make innovation less difficult with a platform built for constant evolution.

Our innovative friends at MOO talk about how Magnolia gave them more freedom to innovate.

A modular approach to connecting services and technologies means that it's easy to switch gears and re-assemble the tools you need.

Connect almost anything with a flexible platform that lets you build DX the way you want.

Customize on different ends. Go deep as you need to meet enterprise requirements, or cleanly integrate third-party services through APIs.

Combine the power of structured content with creative flexibility to publish easily to multiple channels.

Fewer worries. Lower stress.

Security. Governance. Performance. Words that keep us all up at night. Don't worry. Enterprises use Magnolia to securely and reliably deliver their most important digital experiences.

Build, extend and scale on an open-source and future-ready platform that Magnolia has continuously developed since 2003.

Make governance process easier and more predictable with previews of both content and features, and robust workflows.

No more worries about maintaining infrastructure. Simply pick what you need. Downscale or upgrade as needed.

Develop, integrate, test, release - these steps are linked in a logical workflow to let teams work safely and effectively.

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