How Magnolia's DAM makes managing assets easy


Learn best practices on how Magnolia's DAM capabilities help organisations prevent data silos and hidden or lost digital assets that are an enormous burden on the budget of marketing and IT teams.

How Magnolia's DAM makes managing assets easy

About the session

We will show you how Magnolia's digital asset management (DAM) capabilities make it easy to create, organise, and retrieve assets.

You will see what's available out-of-the-box, plus a showcase of our super helpful asset management tools like 'Image Focal Points'.

Join our Senior Solution Architect Chris Jennings for a demo of Magnolia's DAM and insight into best practices you can introduce today.

  • How to easily create, organise, and retrieve your digital assets from within the CMS
  • How a single source of truth reduces duplication of effort and lets you re-use assets across multiple digital touchpoints
  • Short business user and technical demo under the hood of Magnolia's DAM capabilities
  • The tools available to eliminate time-consuming tasks, such as auto-tagging, format conversion, and much more! 
small-Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings

Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia