How Purolite uses Magnolia to deliver customer satisfaction across the globe.

Purolite, the leading manufacturer of quality ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent, and specialty high-performance resins, built their global digital enterprise on Magnolia to more quickly introduce innovative and unparalleled solutions to market.



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Purolite Website Redesign & Build

Purolite is the global leader in the development, production, and distribution of ion exchange resins, serving multiple industry verticals including Pharmaceutical, Food, Power, Electronics, and Life Sciences.

With sales and marketing efforts spanning the globe, and over a 1,500 technically complex products, Purolite needed a digital business platform capable of scaling, localizing, and globalizing its enterprise. With the dedicated assistance of Magnolia partner Williams Forrest, Purolite has relaunched their global website on Magnolia CMS.


The Challenge

Unifying complex data entry and storage

Purolite, the world’s leading manufacturer of ion exchange specialty high-performance resins, approached Williams Forrest in 2016 for a complete re-architecture of their global web platform in the Magnolia CMS.

With thousands of products in their catalog, each with dozens of technical and chemical attributes, Purolite also required a consolidated data model with a massive scope to serve the needs of its client, global field offices, and multiple business units.

The Solution


Using Magnolia to manage complex data

As a Magnolia Premier Partner, WF provided the expertise required to build a performant, multilingual site with a beautiful UI and a completely customized administration portal for content and product management. Just as the Agil e process encourages, the project continued to evolve throughout the development process to include consideration for language localization in a dozen variations, a discrete news and blog feed for the Life Sciences division, robust behavioral tracking, and CRM integration.

Williams Forrest Partner Services:

  • Web development
  • Content management systems
  • Responsive web architecture
  • eCommerce integration
  • Managed testing
  • Long term platform maintenance

The Result


Easy-to-use interface and increased editor value

  • The new provides a clean and logical interface that drills down into discrete product categories using the most relevant verticals.
  • Content, assets and product data are easily managed in a custom enterprise Magnolia CMS implementation.
  • Global field offices can create their own customized landing pages that act as a gateway to a completely translated version of the site.
  • Uniform content and user experience is available in multiple languages.
  • Direct CRM integration allows sales and marketing teams to leverage complete customer profiles with a single data source.
There are a host of Content Management Systems in the marketplace — and Williams Forrest has worked with most of them. Magnolia is a standout because it is open source and built upon a standards-compliant Java architecture that our team can easily use to engineer and deliver enterprise-level content management solutions that are easy for our clients to use and maintain.
David Barr

David Barr

Founder and Chief Architect, Williams Forrest

Purolite was impressed with the broad-scope enterprise capability of Magnolia for our CMS solution. The platform had most of what we needed, and what it didn't have was able to be customized by Williams Forrest. They took a great product and made it really work for us. Certified Partner Williams Forrest continues to be our right hand as we evolve the Purolite online presence.
Jeffrey Frain

Jeffrey Frain

Global Marketing Director, Purolite Corporation


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