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Nationwide Building Society uses Magnolia’s CMS to quickly and easily create, publish and update compelling content.




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Nationwide uses Magnolia’s CMS to quickly and easily create, publish and update compelling content

Nationwide is the world’s largest building society, helping its 15 million members to buy their own homes and save for their futures. The company is a major provider of both mortgage loans and savings in the UK, as well as personal banking such as loans, credit cards, bank accounts and insurance products.

With more people turning to online banking than ever before, Nationwide needed a simple way of delivering engaging content and online experiences to its customer base.

The Challenge

A quicker and easier way to create, publish and update content

Nationwide was looking for a solution that would enable its marketing team to create and publish relevant content to its users quickly and easily — without having to completely rely on its team of developers.

Before deploying Magnolia’s content management system (CMS), Nationwide was using a freemium CMS which didn’t offer the same level of security and support. However, to achieve its goals, the company required a full digital experience platform (DXP) that could be implemented in a short time span, with just a few months to get the platform up and running. 

Nationwide previously had an experience of full-suite, all-in-one solutions, but preferred to focus on the more composable or niche solutions that offered a more decoupled and modular approach to implementation. The main requirements for Nationwide were that the solution must be a headless CMS and one that could be hosted. Nationwide needed to find a way of empowering its marketing team with the tools they required to quickly create, publish and update content easily. As with any financial organisation, compliance was also a key concern, looking into the likes of 'audit-ability, tight security, versioning and workflow'.

The Solution

A light framework with modular architecture

Working to a strict deadline, Nationwide needed a reliable CMS that would give its marketing team full control over the company’s content. 

To make its decision, Nationwide undertook a detailed selection process, which included referring to both the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms and the Forrester Wave. 

With a slick, modern, user experience and streamlined workflows, coupled with out-of-the-box tools to create, plan and optimise experiences for authors, Magnolia was identified as offering the best solutions to meet the company’s complex CMS needs. By selecting a composable player with a modular architecture, rather than a monolithic ‘suite’, Nationwide also hoped to achieve a greater degree of flexibility, avoiding the need to buy into a rigid “all or nothing” solution.

Quick and easy to deploy

The Nationwide team were working to an immovable timescale, requiring a CMS that could be implemented within just three months. By opting for Magnolia’s highly optimized cloud-based CMS, Nationwide benefited from a set of modern, rich features — including personalization and campaign management — that enables them to deliver greater customer experiences faster.

The team were very impressed at how quickly the platform was to get up and running and how easy and straightforward it is to use. And, because Magnolia is ISO 27001 certified and its CMS follows industry standards — along with advanced capabilities, authentication and authorization — Nationwide is also safe in the knowledge that its compliance needs are met. 

Light development gives authors full control

Before implementing Magnolia’s CMS, Nationwide’s marketers relied heavily on the developer team to manage content on the Nationwide website. With Magnolia's Light Development, every change to your configuration is applied instantly. Hot deployments mean no compiling, no restart and no waiting, whilst the Marketing team can continue editing.

Using Magnolia's unique light-weight development approach, Nationwide’s marketers can now get to work on campaigns faster and finish sooner.

Ongoing support

With its previous CMS, Nationwide did not have access to any real-time support and had to rely on dedicated forums to solve any issues they were met with. By switching to Magnolia, an enterprise-grade platform, Nationwide had access to multiple senior members of the Magnolia team who were always on hand to answer their questions effectively and in a timely manner.

Magnolia continues to provide Nationwide with ongoing support as its teams continue to explore new features and find new ways of delivering powerful and engaging content.

The Result

Happier, more productive teams

With Magnolia, the Nationwide team has the support they need to deliver exceptional digital experiences. They can quickly and easily create and publish compelling marketing campaigns — without having to rely on developers. 

As well as experiencing significant cost savings and improvements in author efficiencies, Nationwide has revealed a general increase in employee satisfaction and a significant increase in productivity since deploying Magnolia.

Magnolia’s cloud CMS is also scalable and grows with the business, meaning that Nationwide’s marketers can rapidly benefit from the latest cutting-edge features from the newest Magnolia releases at the push of a button.

Looking ahead, Nationwide plans to continue exploring the other features that Magnolia has to offer in order to enhance its overall digital experience strategy. 

At Nationwide, we needed a composable CMS that could quickly and effectively deliver great digital experiences to our customers. Magnolia’s CMS is extremely straightforward and easy to use. We are very impressed by the speed of deployment and without the fantastic support from the team at Magnolia, we couldn’t have completed our implementation on time.
Christopher Gee

Christopher Gee

Head of Development at Home Propositions at Nationwide Building Society

Magnolia makes it quick and easy for our marketing team to work on campaigns without needing to rely on developers to manage the backend.
Christopher Gee

Christopher Gee

Head of Development at Home Propositions at Nationwide Building Society

The support from Magnolia was second to none. We had access to senior developers who made the whole implementation process a fast and painless experience.
Christopher Gee

Christopher Gee

Head of Development at Home Propositions at Nationwide Building Society


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