Kuhn Rikon benefits from more simplicity, leading to more visitors and greater possibilities


Kuhn Rikon + Magnolia

Kuhn Rikon benefits from more simplicity, leading to more visitors and greater possibilities

Kuhn Rikon gets a new and attractive web presence, creating more editorial options for authors from various countries with the help of kubus media and Magnolia


A new multisite for Kuhn Rikon thanks to Magnolia

Swiss kitchen utensils and cookware brand Kuhn Rikon has an international reputation and longstanding tradition with subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain, and the USA. Products from Kuhn Rikon are known for their functionality and practicality, and exquisite design.

Such elegance requires an outstanding digital presence. For this reason - with the help of other Swiss businesses, including Magnolia and kubus media - Kuhn Rikon sought to create a new website based on a central system.


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The Challenge

Country-specific presences on a standardized basis

Kuhn Rikon had been working with Magnolia since 2009, but before implementing the system, there were many issues. Before Magnolia, the independent subsidiaries of Kuhn Rikon all had their own individual websites, but there was a lack of cohesion and no standardization. Also, only some of the products in Kuhn Rikon’s online stores were available at the time, and there were issues with placing a delivery order. 

To solve this problem, Kuhn Rikon wanted to create multisites that would provide a neater design with clearer functionality and enable editors and administrators to benefit from the cohesion of standardized websites. 

The Solution

New editorial possibilities and customized third-party system integration

Kuhn Rikon overhauled its website in 2009 with the Magnolia 4.x Community Edition, and in 2013, the company upgraded to Magnolia 5.x. This Enterprise Edition of Magnolia allowed Kuhn Rikon to connect their ERP to a new web store as well as integrate other third-party systems, including: 

  • PostFinance E-Payment for the Magnolia Custom Shop

  • OXID (is gradually being replaced by Magento)

  • Magento

  • CELUM Asset Management Solution

  • ERP

  • iOS/Android App Management via Magnolia Content App

  • Google Analytics etc.

Kuhn Rikon also relies on Swiss Management Service Provider Nine Internet Solutions AG to provide an excellent infrastructure and 24/7 availability. 

Since 2016 Magnolia’s integration capabilities have allowed Kuhn Rikon to replace Magnolia Custom Shop with specific eCommerce platforms, while editors can continue to use Magnolia CMS for all marketing and content purposes. 

The Result

Kuhn Rikon mockup

A modern responsive design and greater editorial freedom

Magnolia provides a platform that has enabled Kuhn Rikon to build complex websites with a responsive design and robust functionality. This has resulted in a more substantial online presence for Kuhn Rikon that meets all modern customer requirements. 

The marketing department can also create new content more efficiently, such as a recipe database or an informative blog and implement surveys and promotions as required. Kuhn Rikon has also seen an increase of 40,000 visitors per month in 2020 vs 8,000 in 2009 – and that was just in Switzerland, with growing sales figures to match. 

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