Magnolia integration contest

Convenient, user-friendly digital experiences are seldomly built with one tool alone. You can try, but you might soon find that you’re missing critical features to deliver your project.

Magnolia’s extensibility lets you compose a platform from the services that offer exactly what you need to build great digital experiences.

You can choose from our many connectors or build your own. Building your own integration can be as quick as a few minutes using Magnolia’s light integration techniques.

Integration contest
Build an winning integration

Build a winning integration

Our Marketplace offers many helpful extensions already and we’re holding an integration contest to add even more.

The contest gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to develop an integration
  • Collaborate with other Magnolia developers
  • Share your extension with the Magnolia community
  • Win a GoPro HERO10 camera or charitable donation

How the contest works

  • Create your integration.
  • Create a public page for your integration:

    > Open source: 
    Share your integration on a public Git repository with a README.

    > Proprietary: 
    Share information on how to get the integration, pricing, and support.
  • Submit your entry to by October 11th.
  • Post about your contest entry on social media and tag Magnolia.
  • Prepare to present your integration at Magnolia DevDays 2022 in case you win. "I thank the Academy ..." and so on.
  • Tune in to the award announcement at Magnolia DevDays on 26 October.

Prizes & categories

The community's top two entries will win a GoPro HERO10 camera or charitable donation.

Most useful
1. Most useful

The entry that is judged to be most useful to the Magnolia community.

  • Use to the community: 60%
  • Documentation (such as README): 40% 
Most Lightweight
2. Most bang for the buck

The entry that is judged most useful, yet is implemented in the "lightest" manner, that means with the least amount of code and configuration.

  • Lightness of implementation: 33%
  • Use to the community: 33%
  • Documentation (such as README): 33%

Watch our webinar to learn more

How to build custom integrations with Magnolia easily

Watch our webinar to learn more about:

  • Different Magnolia integration options
  • Creating frontend integrations
  • Using the Magnolia REST Client

How to find inspiration

How to integrate
  • Take a look at the integration wishlist for some ideas for integration targets.
  • Check out the light integration techniques for tips and techniques to build integrations.

    For example, did you know that you can display a product chooser from an ecommerce system with only a few lines of configuration?
  • Sign up for our webinar on building custom integrations with Magnolia.

Small print


Your entry should include a public document (could be a public README such as on Github/Bitbucket etc.) which includes:

  • The problem this integration solves
  • The functionality the integration provides and how it solves the problem
  • How to install and set up the integration
  • How to use the integration
  • How the integration works (optional)

Contest rules

  • The contest is open to everyone except Magnolia employees.
  • Only entries received by 11 October 2022 will be considered.
  • We will anonymize all entries to the best of our ability.
  • A panel of three judges will then evaluate the entries. Decisions are final.
  • Entries must not have been publicly available before the contest deadline, but they may reuse code or configuration that was developed previously.

DevDays contest: Build a winning integration

Showcase your talent and Magnolia’s extensibility by creating a new integration. Two submissions will win a GoPro HERO10.