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Know the person before you personalize

Data and insights

Website personalization starts with data. With Magnolia, you can track your customers’ journeys and how they interact with your content at any step. 

Define audiences by individual traits or segment your visitors into meaningful groups. Integrate Magnolia CMS with your analytics, CRM and third-party systems, and combine data insights for a 360-degree view of your customers.

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Personalize experiences in real-time

Individualized content

Magnolia lets you combine explicit and implicit personalization to offer your customers the right content at the right moment.

Target customers based on their explicit preferences that you collect via forms within Magnolia or via connected systems. Enrich with insights from past behavior and deliver truly individualized experiences

Did someone visit a product page or add the product to cart? Keep your customers engaged throughout the funnel with content recommended by the system based on real-time insights from the user journey. 

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The benefits of web personalization

Why personalize?

Showing visitors content tailored to their interests increases both conversion rates and and general customer satisfaction.

  • Personalization can deliver five to eight times the return on investment (ROI) on marketing spend and lift sales 10% and more
  • 88% of consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that deliver personalized and connected cross-channel experiences. 
  • Calls to action on personalized websites perform 42% better than on generic websites.
  • Gartner predicts that by 2018 organizations that have fully invested in all types of personalization will outsell those that have not by 20%.


Web page with scores for customer actions

4 tips to get started with personalization

1. Start simple

You don't need to begin personalizing for every single buying scenario for all the different personas that fit your customers. Start with something small, like geolocation.

If it's January and you're a global fashion retailer, personalize your e-shop banner so that Australian customers see summer clothing articles. For your North American visitors, display items from your winter line.

2. Split your audience into segments

What groups do your visitors fall into? Can you split them by language, location, age, browsing behavior (such as return visitors)?

Figure out the most important segments for your business and focus on creating content for those segments.

3. Tag content to match your segments

Creating personalized website content for different segments can seem like a daunting task: how much content do you need? Focus less on creating new content and more on tagging the content you have.

If an image is tagged with "trendy" and "miillenial", you'll know you can use it any time you need content to appeal to fashionable twenty-somethings.

4. Identify the touchpoints that matter

Where do you interact most often with your customers? What touchpoints drive conversions?

Begin mapping out your customers' journey and take a look at where content plays a role. Focus on the key touchpoints to optimize your personalization efforts.

Steps to personalize your site better

Take your efforts further

Get an overview of how tagging content can help you with personalization

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